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  1. Life is busy with Youtube but see the notifications and will help where I can.
  2. https://www.yellowboxshed.com.au/product-category/dustcontrol/
  3. Thought I better do the dedicated table saw stock guides as well.
  4. That is a great age! We also lost one of our pugs this week. Barry's sister Padamae. Burying her brought me to tears. My thoughts are with you. They are indeed family members and it doesn't get any easier as you get older to say goodbye to them.
  5. Hi guys. Been a while since I have dropped in but thought you may want to see the jig I made for my table saw rip fence. Table saw jig click here
  6. The light weight cable is easier with finish sanders.
  7. I agree with @drzaius . I would also suggest to place the additional cabinet on an independent mobile base, casters would be a simple solution. If your cabinet saw does not fit on a sawstop mobile base, then these are absolutely brilliant. http://www.portamate.com/portamate-pm-3500-super-duty-adjustable-mobile-base
  8. If you want your location to look a little more like real text in a sentence, try this. start your location with a period and then a space. ie. . Blue Mountains, Australia.
  9. They aren't too hard on your own. Do as @ChrisG-Canada said and leave the wings off. The other thing to consider is do you have a flat and easy surface where the saw is at present for the mobile base to be able to handle moving the saw once off the pallet to where the saw will be staying?
  10. I reviewed the HKC a while back but the HK does everything the battery version will do. I own both the TS and HKC. As HuxleyWood says, carpenter for the HK but also the HK does a pretty good job of dust collection as well. Here is the review.
  11. Well, in that situation I can see that would work. Funny how field dependent you can get.
  12. Sawstop tops do not have any adjustment screws under the main bolts and rely heavily on the front and rear rails to give you a flat surface. If you move the front rail along (not sure if the holes will line up any more) then you will need to give some though as to how you will maintain a flat surface, particularly if you intend moving the saw on a mobile base. I am still of the opinion that the 52 inch rail is the best option. That time when you need it stops you in your tracks and it is then that you question your decision to buy the shorter rails.
  13. None of the images above appear to be of the industrial model It has the cabinet door on the right hand side. The industrial is a whole lot easier to use a sled with, in particular you have an extra 5 inches prior to the blade if my memory serves me, as the table is much larger than the professional or the contractor. From my experience I would get the industrial with a 52 inch fence. You can also get the mobile base which is hydraulic lift and returns the saw to its own legs when lowered. Buy once, cry once. Go and look at the range before buying.
  14. Hopefully you will pick up an idea for your wood shop? Click here to have a look.
  15. Hi Marc. Like many others, the adds don't bother me in the slightest. I paid the fee to assist with the costs as I know the amount of time for little reward that youtubers receive. I do have a question though. I am a supporter but I am seeing an add top right. As said I don't care but thought you may want to know. I hope the colder weather isn't too hard to handle after your desert dwelling and I had noticed the beard.
  16. Hi guys, been a while since I have dropped in but thought you may want to watch these 2 vids. I did as a walk through of what the Kapex 60 is and is not capable of. Grab a coffee, all up about 30 minutes. Hope you enjoy it. https://youtu.be/1DtRczpyV6c https://youtu.be/lkKLlri9n90
  17. re the CA glue, put it upside down in a glass or similar container. This keeps the air pocket away from the business end. I am told it makes the glue last longer. Chocolate is also good when cold in the fridge for a hot day. :-)
  18. Remember that the connections on the dust deputy are tapered so they can accommodate more than first meets the eye.
  19. The only "track" saws I have seen in a vertical situation have been mounted on linear bearings. The saw can rotate 90 degrees on the guide allowing vertical and horizontal cuts. These saws are a permanent fixture to the guides. I would be very concerned as to the safety of using a conventional track saw in the manner you mention.
  20. Yes to the belt. Buy a quality belt from an automotive spares store. The belts from Asia have a sideways bump near the join and only noticeable at startup and when coasting to stop. Mine does it but doesn't bother me enough to change it....yet. lol.
  21. The fence splits open and gets some of the dust depending on how far away the fence is from the drill bit.