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    Dado Stack

    Sd508. Works well
  2. Yup, it’s a ten inch blade, tried to raid it with just the blade ( no stabilizer) didn’t help. Made sure there was no saw dust or anything obstructing it. I’m thinking the previous owner may have had it apart. Wondering if position of worm gear in relation to the mating gear may be off. (just a thought from. looking at it and trying to see what could cause it). Called Grizzly CS and talked to a “technician “ I think she was looking at the same manual I was looking at cause she couldn’t tell me anything I couldn’t already see in the blow-up! need to call them back and see if I can talk to someone that might know more. Still think it might have something to do with how the hand wheel, shaft, worm gear are installed!
  3. I bought an older Grizzly G1023Z right tilt. Max depth of cut is supposed to be 3 1/8” but, it’s actually only 2 1/4”. Does anyone know how to adjust that so I get the Mac cut I should be getting?
  4. trz

    Cutting coves

    Thanks. I guess it’s more than likely a technique issue. It happens mostly when I’m presenting the tool to the work. I guess more practice is neede!
  5. I’ve been trying to cut some coves, started out with small spindle gouge and got them basically the size I wanted, then decided to practice a little with a round carbide cutter. I do fine cutting down the left hand side of the cove but, every time I try cutting down the right hand side it catches and I get a bunch of tear out. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Any thoughts?
  6. I thought that was what you were refering to. Those would be nice but, I've already got 300 1/4" holes drilled!!!
  7. dadoes and glue are good but, make adjustability a real pain.
  8. Which do you prefer the straight pegs or the step-down L shaped ?
  9. who makes a good general purpose blade? I have the grizzly 555lx and need a new blade. I don't do a lot of any one kind of cutting with it so I just want a blade that's just a good all around blade. The one that came with the saw was JUNK
  10. there's a couple tools I'm not familiar with.....yet! that makes sense. And I should have remembered that from the home building course I took 40 yrs. ago. What about outside corners? boy, I really need a refresher course!
  11. wanted a book simply because I want to learn more about molding and trim work. You're right I could get by on this one job without but, i would like to learn as much as I can ! I'll check that book out, thanks.
  12. Looking for a good book on cutting/installing molding. I'm doimg some molding (mostly baseboard) in an old farm house where most corners that should be 90s aren't necessarily 90, if you know what I mean! So my 45s are going to be a little more or a little less than. I'm looking for a good book that might help me figure out how to cut those less than perfect miter joints I'll be dealing with.
  13. "Wouldn't this be a good way to start"? Im a word NO
  14. may have to give that a go next time around! Thanks
  15. trz

    Expansion Time

    But wait! Where are you doing your recording now?
  16. sorry! Not hating on them, just never got to liking them.
  17. Hmmm,..... no pocket holes in this project, not fond of dowels,dominoes,well lets just say "that ain't gonna happen any time soon", biscuits? Probably not! So that brings us to wdwerkers suggestion which means buying another tool (not a bad thing) but its one I might be able to afford! I'll have to look into this option! Thanks
  18. i have about 10' of built-in book cases made of 3/4 maple ply. Now i need to face frame it and add facing strip to shelves out of solid maple. Normaly I would just shoot the trim on with brads but I've tried all the putties and glue and saw dust techniques but i've never been very successful at making those nail holes"disappear". So, looking for suggestions on either better way to attach it or hide the nail holes. For the shelves I'm sure i can just glue and tape clamp but, for the face frames???
  19. Wish I had the time to make Christmas gifts! Too many other projects going!
  20. Isn't Brazilian Rosewood awfully hard to come by these days?
  21. The mounting flanges on those legs appear to be 3 to 4 inches in diameter. Attach them with screws and predrilled holes of the proper size and set it against the wall. Then you can deside if it will be stable enough for what you want. I'm betting it will work just fine for you. This way you can be sure without spending any more than you have invested already. Of course if that doesn't suit your needs you'll have to re- think it and go from there! Good Luck
  22. Duh! Thought I had checked their site. Guess not. Think I have an older WWI. do you like the WWII better than the WWI on the table saw?
  23. Am I wrong to assume there was a woodworker I before the woodworker II? I can't find any info on it if there was. And if there was , what is the difference?
  24. trz