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  1. all sound like good ideas I'll give one of them a try. Better prepare some tunes I think I'm in for a long one! ( actually only two doors) won't be too bad.
  2. just to give an idea. no , its not glued up yet
  3. I knew it was going to be a hand sanding operation , was just wondering about type of block to use that might easily conform to that shape?
  4. just finished cutting some red oak raised panels using the cove cutting method on the table saw, now I need to do some finish sanding especialy on the end grain. What's the best way to match that contour when sanding?
  5. Is this item still availalble?
  6. trz

    contractor saws

    Didn't mean to offend anyone with the 'underpowered ' statement but, i have heard a number of people mention they thought they were underpowered. I'm well aware of the aspects of setting them up properly and haveing a sharp blade and feeding at the proper rate. I was just curious if anyone has tried a more powerful motor on one.
  7. The general concensus of contractor saws is that there underpowered with there 1 1/2 hp motors. So , anyone ever beef one up by putting a more powerful motor on it? And why is it not a common practice. $$$$ ?
  8. A pillow that always stays cool so I don't have to keep turning it over. A tool for sleeping better!
  9. Looking for plans for a folding outfeed table for a Jet jwts 10jf contractors saw>
  10. looking for rail and stile bits that work well but won't break the bank. Don't need the best in the west but a set that works well for the money.
  11. trz

    A few shop pics

    Love the miter station ! But, looking at the pic of the drill press table and surrounding area How the heck do you move around? LOL
  12. ! the rails were planed at a different time than the rest of the pieces seeings how they were a fix to a mistake . I'll have to check the thickness ! The rails are only 12 5/8 end to end so I can't imagine they weren't setting flat , but , again it was something , so I will check that also. And thanks for the info. Something I'll be aware of the next time around.
  13. building two frame and panel doors. cut the four stiles and four rails to width and length, milled groove down one edge of each. installed stack dado and set fence and blade height and cut stub tenons. snuck up on them to get a nice snug fit in the groove. All went well, until.............crap, I cut the rails 3/4 inch to short. No big deal , mill four more rails to width and length, Used the old rails as guides to set up for the groove. didn't feel like installing stack dado again so I ll just use the blade and nibble off a stub tenon. Used the old tenon to set fence and blade height. Snuck up on the blade height. first tenon fit snug flipped it over and cut the other end and it was too loose! Second rail snuck up on it for a snug fit, flipped it over and cut the other end...Tooo loose! and so it went for each of the four rails . So , four rails each with one snug tenon and one loose tenon. Any theories for why this happened?
  14. What blade do you use for cutting cabinet grade plywood with your circular saw?
  15. How many of you contractor saw users use full kerf blades? Successfully??
  16. trz

    turbine sprayers

    Anyone use the rockler turbine for spraying poly? Are they worth the money for a hobbiest?
  17. trz

    Urn vault

    Good one Duck! Ya, i tried but once i did it i couldn't determine what was dad and what was urn.
  18. trz

    Urn vault

    I guess that was a bit large wasn't it. I dont' know enough about computers to know how to size my Pics Sorry! I too was questioning the hole issue of what wood and how nice to make it. Wanted something nice for the service and had origanily thought of putting the urn in a vault before we buried it. But, then just decided what the heck no one is ever going to see it again, It was a labor of Love and will just bury it and let it do what it's going to do under ground.
  19. i guess that's the thing. The panels to be dadoed will be 48 x 22 and all I have is a cheap stack set so I was going to use the router. But, I don't really have a good dado guide for it. I'm useing 3/4 in plywood so I was going to do like Marc said and just mark the center line for the dado and use a 23/32 strt. bit. and route across the 48 in width with a panel clamp as a guide for the router. Then rip it down to 22 in. pcs. Sound like a plan?? Or, a plan but not a very good plan! LOL
  20. Would you use the Golden rectangle rule for sizing decorative window shutters? They seem to be to wide for my eye! pick a size I don't think it matters
  21. trz

    Urn vault

    Special request from my mother was to build each of them an urn fro there ashes. This one was for dad. Haven't got moms made yet. But planning it out of birds eye maple.
  22. top and bottom panels seperated by two uprights set in dadoes. Do I route dadoes across a wide panel then rip it in half or rip it first then cut seperate dadoes?