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    I'm getting posting notices in my email, how do I stop that?
  2. trz

    Magic Molder

    Nothing new under the sun. Molding heads similar to these have been around for table saws and radial arm saws for a long long time. I think Sears sold some. I aquired my Dads old Dewalt RAS when he passed away and I've got one of these molder heads for it (not magic molder brand though).
  3. Lots of times. I'll just ho out and sit and look things over. Maybe clean a little or just pull a ww book off the shelf and leaf through it. Don't like to visit the shop in the morning because if I do I know I'll get involved in something and end up being late for work!
  4. trz

    Jointer set up

    I'll see what i can do! Probably won't be back in the shop til Monday evening though.
  5. trz

    Jointer set up

    Not sure if this answers the question of "where" but if i lay a straight edge on the outfeed table and span the cutterhead the blades will move the SE about 3/32". That's consistant with all three blades and from front to back! The 8 thou low at the cutter head end of the infeed was consistant from front to back also!
  6. trz

    Jointer set up

    To start, the straight edge was layed across the tables with the blades 'out of the way'. Should i move the blades TDC and start over?
  7. trz

    Jointer set up

    Well, finally got back out to the shop to do some adjusting to my jointer( delta 6" 37-190) . New straight edge, new engineers square. Laying the straight edge across both tables the outfeed table and the far end of the infeed table (end furthest from the cutter head) are flat inline but there's about 8thous. Low on the infeed table by the cutter head. Shim the infeed table or readjust the outfeed table?? In my research I've seen advice going both ways! Do i need to know witch table the cutter head is inline with first? Owners manual is usless in this regard!
  8. Usually takes me just shy of forever!!!
  9. It gets pretty heated over there! Especially when Shoulder nuke chimes in!
  10. I see the same debate over at 'Archerytalk'. You've got the traditionalist"stick and string = hand tool guy, then there's the compound bow guys = power tool guy. Your hybrid woodworker is the dreaded crossbow user and you CNC guys are the God forbid rifle hunters!
  11. Insulate as much as you can afford, you won't be sorry!!!
  12. If she can do it , you can do it Collin!
  13. I don't see a question so it must be a rant. But, not sure if you're ranting that the wife wants a tv stand or that You have to make it orthat you live in a mobile home. You and the wife sit down and decide what you want and then build it. You know the saying. "If you build it the wife will.... Well never mind! If you abhor compromise I feel for your marriage. LOL
  14. I use one handscrew to hold the piece while the second handscrew clamps the first one to the bench.
  15. Usually use Ridge Carbide in New Jersey. They do nice work too.
  16. No, I haven't a clue. I know at some time in one of the hundreds of woood mags I've read I've seen the peen marks on someones blade and the other looks very familiar too. When I purchased my CL grizzly 1023 several blades came with it. WW1 a WW chopmaster a freud and a number of cheaper ones. Plus these two that I know I've seen before in some mag..
  17. O also have the hardware to make one but in the last twenty years that I've had it , it still sits in the drawer. Some time in the next twenty years I swear I will use the hardware and make a clamp! MAYBE
  18. I have one in 4",8"10"&12" the larger ones I use as kick stands as others do for standing a piece on edge the 4" I use a lot on the drill press for holding small pieces and it makes a good stop aty miter station.
  19. Once again i must have confused or miss spoke because everything is good lengthwise. It's across the width I'm having problems! I need to send pics cuz sometimes I'm not very clear
  20. Okay. Maybe we should back up and I'll try not to jump ahead of your advice. While I may have a lot of questions I'm not exactly a newbie I've been a hobbiest for several years. Just haven't come across these issues before. So we'll back up to the beginning. I have the delta 37-190 jointer and the delta 22-560 planer. I've had both for many years and they've served me well. While the square I'm using isn't a machinists square it measures square on other machines and cuts . So that's not the issue. So, on the approx. 3x3x12 blank I pass side one over the jointer and it's flat put that side against the fence and joint side two and it's 90sq. Next step
  21. So, it's hard to detect the problem on such narrow stock, so I found a piece of one by four and ran one face several times across the jointer. What I ended up with is a nice wedge shaped 1x4!!!! So I guess I'll start with a total jointer tune-up.
  22. A new morning. Went out to shop, Jointed side one 'flat', Put side one against fence and jointed side two... 'square'! Next step?
  23. By the way it's not the length of the piece that isn't parellel , it's across the three inches that there off. Like one side would be 2 7/8 and the other 2 15/16. Maybe not that much but you get the idea.
  24. Thanks . When I get back out to the shop tomorrow I'll start there. To be continued!
  25. Milling stock square I started out with a 3x3x12 " blank. I ran one edge over jointer turned that edge against the fence and ran the second edge. Went to the planer and ran edge one on the table to make edge one and three parellel, but they're not!'!! So what gives? It has to be the planer doesn't it? By the way, I squared the jointer fence to table before I started.