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  1. Just about all of them. They are only like 10 bucks a year so its not a huge expense to get all that knowledge.
  2. I don't use plans for anything... maybe I should. I'll look at something and get a rough idea of what I want and change things in my head. I'll write down measurements and calculations but I don't remember ever using an actual plan to build anything. It kind of makes me feel like I'm ripping someone off for some reason... I would definitely use plans to build a house or whatever, but not small things.
  3. Ha that would be hilarious to have some people come to the door preaching or selling something and just nail them in the face with a bunch of sawdust. Classic slapstick
  4. Periscope. Or attach a funnel on the inside to yell at the pesky kids on the lawn. Use a scary ghostlike voice. Figure out a way to shoot ping pong balls through it with compressed air to shoot said kids in the back of the head. Maybe you can train a rodent to sneak in and out of there. Maybe have it steal some cash from the pesky kids and bring it back to you.
  5. Same here. I like the old double edge safety razors. Superior shave to all that multi-bladed voodoo goo nonsense. I've always wanted to try a straight razor but I've heard too many mafia stories about them....
  6. I've used this stuff for awhile and it works great. After I clean a part I always rub it down with the grey colored 3M scouring pads to clean it up nice and then coat it in that Boeing rust preventer or a good carnuba paste wax.
  7. Education trumps regulation in every instance. I am a libertarian bordering on anarchist so you can imagine what I think about this.... Freedom baby! I'm sort of a clumsy idiot and have never once blamed an inanimate object for any injury unless it outright failed under normal use (eg, don't blame the screwdriver for breaking when you use it as a pry bar).
  8. I stole the perfect size tupperwear dish from my wife. Its harder to store left over enchiladas now but its worth it
  9. Not really sure why this is even an issue... if he is using his hammer, what else would he say? "I'm using this community owned hammer to pound this publicly donated nail into this wood somebody provided" What puzzles me more is why someone describing ownership of an object in a sentence is bothersome to some people....
  10. Nope. So. California. It was something like $2.40 for the maple a few months ago when I was there. It was at Austin Hardwoods. Maybe they'll ship you some. Maybe I got a discount piece or something, I dunno. I just wanted a clean piece of hard maple with straight grain for guitar necks. They had a rack of maple and a rack that specifically said hard maple. The two other places I go are like $3.xx Not exactly where you'd expect to find all this wood being that we don't really have any forests for miles around here but I have 3 lumber yards just a short drive from me that I know of.
  11. Just scrape the rust off and go for it! If there are bearings you can put a couple drops of whatever oil you normally use. I use a little lithium grease in my tail stock end. Its all steel and iron so I don't think it really matters as long as it doesn't fly off and make a mess or ruin your project. I've used some nice moly grease on stuff and it works great but as soon as you touch it it never seems to come off your hands or clothes.
  12. So I'm cruising through the hardwood place with my single piece of $2 /BF hard maple and I go to the "exotics" isles. Looking at some nice figured woods.... and then I hit the far wall and see all these small (3' - 4') pieces of what looks like plain ebony and other non-exotic looking woods. I look up at the prices and see they are from $90 - $140 / BF!! What the heck? Do people actually use this stuff? If so, what do they use it for? If I bought one of these pieces I'd have to leave it as-is and coat it in poly or something and mount it on the wall. I couldn't bear to put a tool to woo
  13. My garage is about 24 x 24. I put a car and a truck in it. All my machines and benches are around 2 of the outer walls and the table saw is on wheels and fits nice in the corner with the longer wing sticking out so that the car kind of fits under it. The planer, jointer, spindle sander, etc are all on mobile carts that kind of fit together off to the side when not being used. My big drill press, bandsaw, lathe, and main workbench are all usable even with the vehicles in the garage. I have to share one wall with a washer and dryer I can pull the vehicles out and setup the machines in 5 m
  14. I use the ones from Rockler. They work fine for me. Like others I use them for sanding and routing. If the bench is covered in dust and wood chips they don't work so well but even with a little bit of dust they seem to work alright...