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  1. Anyone know where I can buy a short (two or three feet) of five inch flex hose without breaking the bank? I've found several places that have much longer lengths (for much more money) and many either won't cut or charge money to cut it. Thanks, Rob
  2. I like it. I'm always thinking of ways around having to alter the blade angle on my saws. It's a lot easier to calibrate to 90 degrees than something else.
  3. Coincidentally, I was about to post a similar question -- I bought a #7 that's missing the left-handed screw and adjustment knob. Does anyone know where I could find these parts or what kind of threads it uses? Thanks
  4. Yeah, it's not about the cost -- it's about the time required to restore the saw. Could the heat have damaged the metal such that I should just avoid wasting the time on it?
  5. I found what I believe to be a decent saw for only $5 but it's obviously been through a fire. The handle is charred but still intact. There doesn't seem to be any other damage. I'm not very familiar with metalergy so I don't know what effect the fire and heat might have had on the plate. I don't know anything about the fire (it's in a used tool store) or much other information to provide. Is this something to avoid, or should I take the time to restore it?