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    Anything that can be done with a circ saw, router, and some chisels.
  1. Hog Heaven! (see link below for further explanation) Pricy, but worth every penny. http://www.uline.com/BL_1780/Hog-Heaven-Mats
  2. Thank you ATB80, you just saved me 40 bucks!
  3. I need some help finding a good hardware dealer in Franklin/M'Boro/Nashville, TN area. Most of the places I'm finding that advertise themselves as "hardwood dealers" really only mean hardwood floors. Any suggestions? Jesse
  4. Wow, that settles it; Grizzly it is then. Thanks for your help guys!
  5. Hello fellow woodworkers, I'm just starting to build my collection of tools and I need some advice. I am usually a firm believer in "you get what you pay for" but i also know that in a lot of cases you are simply paying for the name. I've done a lot of research into what brand of tools would be the best bang for my buck, and Grizzly seems to keep popping up. My question is, if you've had experience with Grizzly tools, are they worth it? Does the price reflect the quality of the tool?