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  1. Exactly what I was thinking, its a drink. you convert/process the food so you can drink it.
  2. Yes but I was never able to get JET Clamps in Canada, the shipping was more than the clamps.
  3. It's back to a reasonable smell now That still the only thing you smell in the shop, but not strong.
  4. Huge Problem, Huge one I went to visit a veneer shop for the first time today, all exotic veneers, I took some Pommele Bubinga and Figured Etimoe (More than planned of course...) Pictures were a bit tricky to take in the wrap. Nagam Veneer in Montreal
  5. wwmax check stuff like this, someone called asked 275$ she said yes, etc.* Just change the blades like 35$ if needed.
  6. I have seen it in rebate a lot cheaper. I also seen it on lespac/kijiji for 400$ brand new. 699$ doesnt look good, I mean you don tneed the blades right now , except if you really want that stand at 150$ its a not bad price. 499$ for the planer (not in rebate) The tables sell for 55$ If you are in Quebec City you have, they sell Shop Fox, General, and other brands
  7. Almost as sexy as the PS4 controller I just spotted in the background Thanks !
  8. It's been a long journey but I did it ! I was waiting some daylight pictures, the other ones were so-so. Before someone ask, I didn't do the straps yet, two persons (including wife) told me they like it better like that. So I'm not sure anymore, I will see maybe later. African Mahogany Black ebony Darrell's Dye Recipe / Danish Oil / 3 coat of lacquer 2 Rockler Hinges
  9. On that point, I only know 4 members in the Montreal area that are guild members. Dont think nobody build the bench.
  10. Ah found it:
  11. I buy mine at Robert Bury they have like 8-9 choices of great hardwood from 4/4 to 8/4. (hwy 40 / 13). They have Cheery, Oak, Maple, Walnut, African Mahogany, Ash, Soft maple, Pine, and I forgot. Someone created a map a while ago with all the lumberyards, I will find it. PM if you need. Langevin is great for the exotic (Like the spanish cedar, you wont find that anywhere else).
  12. I am a beginner also learning a lot, Im about to finish mine, the only negative on these bigger projects, is time. They are very long to do for me. It get to the point you want to build something else. (I mostly did it on weekend too, so it depend of the schedule of course).