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  1. So I finally made it to Houston Hardwoods and I was pleasantly impressed. Friendly staff, nice selection of hardwood and plywood, and decent prices. I drove down on a Friday morning so traffic wasn't too bad. I picked up a few nice QSWO boards. They also said they would deliver to my area at a very reasonable price. Finally, the young man that wrote up my order lives very close to me in another neighborhood so he struck up a conversation about the area, so we had that in common.
  2. I hated that place when I lived in Fairfax. Only went there twice. Once, tried to get a half sheet of plywood which was clearly stated on their website that they will do. Employee had to call the owner at home to ask permission. This was after I waited for them to open late, after 10 a.m. on a weekday. Second time, tried to buy some QSWO. Multiples employees had no idea what I was asking for and would answer with "there might be some oak over there." Couldn't find any and left after a stack of boards fell by themselves. That place is very unsafe for customers and employees. I didn't th
  3. Thanks, K. I plan to check them out.
  4. Thanks! They are on my list to checkout also. Do you know of the delivery terms for either? Haven't had too many traffic issues yet except for congestion up hear on Riley Fuzzell/Rayford Rd. area due to the Grand Parkway construction. Of course, we are coming from DC where you have to plan your whole life around traffic so anything would be an improvement. But, so far, we like everything and needed the change of scenery!
  5. Nice shop. Pretty similar to my setup. (just cleaner and better organized!)
  6. I am newly arrived in Spring, TX Chris, do you have any recommendations for rough hardwood dealers or saw mills in Montgomery County? I'm thinking of trying Clark's Hardwood down in Houston, but I am still setting up my shop. Scott
  7. Ah, knock offs. I get it. We are much the same. A few authentic Stickley repro's and a few antiques mixed in with the stuff I've built. Not sure what other Roycroft the Grove Park Inn has, but if I see any I will take some pics. There will also be a big antique sale during the A & C conference so I should be able to see some there but not sure about pics "on the inside."
  8. IDK for sure but in looking at pictures, there is definitely at least "some" QSWO used. In my research I have read that woodworking was basically an afterthought at Roycroft village as they made souvenirs for visitors. When I was last at the MET in NYC I wasn't really looking for Roycroft so I didn't pay as much attention. I am going to the Grove Park Inn next week. I know they have a Roycroft Little Journeys bookstand there and I plan to try and study it and take some photo's for a future project. Not sure what you mean by KO's that your wife wants.
  9. Well, I tend to either re-arrange my tool layout and/or my dust collection about every 6 months anyway. Our last house was slab above grade and had some electrical and plumbing in the concrete. I worried about that until the day we moved out.
  10. Thanks for the inputs and suggestions. I think at this point I'm leaning towards a separator and baffle with improved shop layout and ductwork. I can always add a cyclone or swap out the whole thing in the future. I think with what I already have invested I should be able to have a decent system. Kevmc, I have the Wynn 35A filter but didn't realize they had a cleaner plan on the website. Thanks.
  11. That option isn't really an option! If I shell out $800 for the Griz, I need to recoup some of the money back by selling the Jet. Right now, I have the table saw and a dewalt planer going to the 2 inputs on the Jet with 4" flex hose. I switch in the bandsaw and stationary sander as necessary. I'd like to move up to a single 6" run with everything hooked up all the time and use gates as necessary.
  12. Couple of edits: The Wynn filter I have does not have a cleaning paddle so I've had to clean it with a shop vac a few times. I don't really have a lot of time to work on modifying my current system beyond a trash can separator. So no major changes such as relocating my motor, wall mounting, etc. I don't have the capacity to add another 220v circuit. I already added one for my Cabinet saw and I'm out of room in my panel. Thanks for looking!
  13. Hello all, I've been wanting to improve my dust collection. I currently use a 10 year old Jet DC-1100 and only run one machine at a time in a medium sized basement shop. About 2 years ago I added a Wynn Filter and made a plywood ring to mount in on. It also has a remote control. I know I could impove my ductwork, shop layout, and all of my connections and have also considered a separator. The Jet is pretty good but I HATE removing and emptying the collection bag and I also don't particularly care for the Y-shape dual input connector. I got to thinking (dangerous) and looking around
  14. Yes, I can understand that! Maybe our wives are in cahoots! My wife wants a nice smooth finish but not too glossy, but I went with the semi-gloss anyway. I figure I can knock it down with wax if I need to.
  15. I'm doing some testing now with the GF Enduro Var on Cherry. So far, I have applied it straight to the sample without anything else. It is darkening the wood similar to what BLO will do so you might not need that. Also, I think the instructions say to not apply over another oil but I may not be correct. At any rate, make sure the BLO cures fully before putting anything else on top. As far as durability, the Enduro is supposed to be superior and should be fine for a kitchen based on what I've read so far. Good luck.