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  1. Also the height of the drawer box should be 13/16 less than the opening....3/4 will work....i, as a result of the dovetails make the drawers to whole number sizes only...(5in opening height 4 inch drawer height) hopefully this all helps if you have any sizing questions PM me the dimensions and i can size them for you
  2. They should all work the same....I don't recall a difference...however i haven't used blum slides in a couple years....I use a generic version from my supply house...the only real difference is the installation method between frameless and faceframe....
  3. Hey everyone....this process if being way over complicated. The drawer box should be the same length as the slide ( 21" slide 21" drawer box depth). The width should be the width of the opening minus 3/8" for 5/8" side thickness and minus 5/8" for 1/2" side thickness. You only need to notch the back and drill a hole or slot the back for the prong. The slide should be appox 3/16th's back from the front. For full inset you need to set back even with the inside of the face frame. If you follow those specs the drawers will fit every time....
  4. Mine arrived today... installing tomorrow! more to come...
  5. The best type of phase converter is a rotary phase converter. I run my 4hp Coral Spray booth off of one been running strong for 5 years now. A static phase converter would not be good for a table saw due to the large amount of heat that builds up, static phase converters are for short cycle machines... think a radial arm saw running for minutes at a time. A rotary phase converter works much better and allows for indefinite run times. They are however an investment but could be wired to allow for other 3phase machines in the future.
  6. I used the Wood plans www.woodonline.com 3 in 1 crib plans the hardware source is really good and affordable. Great plans... building another one right now for my son. hope this helps.
  7. While I concede to your skills and experience, Dadoing the face frame, while strong isn't necessary, using 3/4 inch ply sides gives you a good glue surface for that face frame. just a different way of doing things.
  8. You have a really nice fence and would be perfect on a larger saw... The saw you have is nice and is very similar to the one I started with.... There are several classifications of table saws, cheap (POS), job site, contractor, hybrid, cabinet, industrial cabinet saws, sliding table saws, etc... What you have is a job site saw, made to be put in a truck and easily moved to a job site. For what it's worth I would keep your current saw because they always come in handy, keep the vega fence and buy a different table saw that is made to accept the new fence... You are going to want to find a saw that has a cast iron top and they normally have a table depth of 27 inches... these saw can be found used for a good price especially since you already have a fence to bolt on... Most fence systems that come with contractor and hybrid saws leave something to be desired. Hope this helps!
  9. I use 1/2inch ply back set in a rabbit 9/16 deep... the extra 1/16th makes it so the sides touch the wall and give a nice tight fit for install... everything is made of 3/4" ply.
  10. You can also call the shipping company and see where the closest hub is and go there and pick it up... They will fork it into the bed of you truck... I would opt for lift gate service at my home...
  11. If you have a Large compressor you could also go with a Dynabrade and never have to worry about electronics...
  12. use an orbital sanding and knock it down start with 100 or similar and sand up to 220 youll be fine.
  13. If you have the cash go with a Mirka Ceros Sander... you will never have to worry about it breaking down and it has great dust collection.
  14. Things have been busy with me for the last several months... as for an update. I had 2 students that I taught project based classes in a one on one environment. It went really well. I learned a lot about what it takes to teach some one woodworking. I was overly through with every aspect that was covered which caused time to quickly add up. Like most things it took longer than I thought. Due to my schedule I have not been able to take on any more students, but hope to start up after the first of the year.