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  1. wgeils

    Router jig

    I Have a set of guide bushing so I think those will work fine. Does the mean I will need to make a unique template for both right and left sides?
  2. wgeils

    Band saw deal

    So I have an opportunity to buy a barely used Rigid Bandsaw BS1400 for under $200 from a local guy who is retiring. I do not have a band saw and am on a limited budget. I assume given the price this is a good deal and I should swoop this up as quickly as possible? Per the conversation I had with the owner the saw is 2 years old and was only used to do limited cutting of aluminum letters for his sign business. Thanks Wayne
  3. wgeils

    Router jig

    I think I've got myself in over my head. I am tackling a project that has a couple of steps that I can not figure out. I need to make a bunch of repeatable angled dado's for a project I am trying to do. These cuts are intended to be a groove that a 1/4" piece of plywood will slide in and out of inside of a display case. I am having a hard time setting up a jig that will allow me to crisply make this cut in a repeatable fashion. That I then can flip to make the mirror cut for the other side of the case. Dose anyone have plans for a jig that I can build to help me do this? I am rather new to working with my router so assume that the only thing I've mastered on it is the on/off switch. Also this cut must start 1/2" back from one edge of the board so I can not just run these over my dado blase on the table saw. The board being routed is 2 1/2" X 16 1/2" and the dados need to be at a 15-20 degree angle. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Wayne
  4. HHH, Agreed but then do I just buy one as a nod to this guys efforts? Then go off and make a batch for the runners in my family? I am more interested in making things than I am in buying them, it's kind of the whole reason I've sunk untold fortunes into my wood shop
  5. I am a runner and have recently seen a medal display case that appears to be well designed and made. Also being a woodworker I immediately though I can make that. After looking at the website for this case, it became clear that this is the product of a small business owner. Who is trying to sell these cases to make a living. My question is, would it be right of me to just use the pictures from his site to copy his design and make my own? I feel like I owe this guy something for coming up with the idea. here is a link to the website. http://www.byinviewdesigns.com/ Thanks Wayne
  6. Good day all, I am trying to find a set of plans for building a simple & portable stand for a 5 gallon igloo type water cooler. My kids are all cross country runners and at some of the meets there is no where to set up the water jugs. I have seen a few schools that have plywood stands for their water jugs. I have search the internet but am not able to find any plans for how to build one. The ones I've seen are simple enough they seem to be two pieces of plywood with a notch, to form a plus as a stand when assembled. Before I tried to make this myself I thought I would ask around and see if someone had plans or had build one of these before. Thanks Wayne
  7. I was lucky enough to get to drive one of the Indy cars for a few laps one day. it was a blast and I highly recommend it.
  8. Never used one so I am not sure what can be done with it. I am getting it because I would like to try to make some more complicated curves and patterns I can not do with a table saw. Wayne
  9. I am getting ready to get my first bandsaw. I have never used one and am excited for all of the option a bandsaw will add to my wood working. I was wondering what I should be looking for in a bandsaw and if anyone has any recommendations on a model that is around $500? Thanks Wayne
  10. for your budget you might think about getting the Ridgid R4512 from HD. I has done well for me and was worth the price as an entry cabinet TS. Wayne
  11. I assume then I mount the template on the board with double stick tape?
  12. I am making some end-grain cutting 12" X 15" boards for gifts. I was hoping to route in the blood groove in the top as I have seen in many manufactured boards. I have tried to do this using an edge guide on my router but am having trouble getting the corners made cleanly. What is the best way for a novice like myself to route this groove in these boards? Wayne
  13. I recently picked up the Ridgid R4512 tablesaw from HD and rented their $20 truck to get it home. The truck has ramps tucked under the bed. I was able to slide it down to the ground in my garage will only one other person helping me. After it was in my garage I unpack it and moved it into my basement with a two wheel dolly piece by piece.