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  1. I also really like my G0715P. The only complaint I have is the dust collection is not great but then again neither is my dust collector so it's hard to say which is the culprit.
  2. A couple months back I had to take an introductory level forestry class as part of my degree in environmental science. We used these two websites for tree identification. It is much more helpful if you know some information about the leaves. this is Virginia Tech's website for tree identification This is the Arbor day foundation's website.
  3. I have never seen aprons done with a natural edge. I REALLY like the look! I've seen natural edge tops a billion times but never aprons.
  4. Terry, It will hold a Porter Cable 7518 router and reside in a shop made tablesaw extension wing made of two layers of 3/4 MDF with 1 1/2" solid wood banding all around to provide a secure way to bolt the table to the saw and stiffen the table up a bit.
  5. Freddie, Wood magazine did a review of benchtop HCM's in the not too distant past. I don't know off the top of my head which issue or which machine they picked but it might be a good starting point for information for you. I'll have to go through my back issues and see if I can find it.
  6. Well, I just got a chance to give my brand new Woodpecker's PRL-V2 router lift a good once over. Am I ever impressed! Unfortunately since the table for it isn't built quite yet this is just initial pre-use impressions. This thing is BEEFY! Much more solid than I anticipated with full 1 inch diameter guide rods and 3/8 inch thick aluminum plate (Compared to the 1/4" I've seen on a lot of models). Nothing wiggles, nothing jiggles; there's no slop anywhere that I can find. There are no burrs to be found anywhere and the same can be said of mill marks. This is the first tool I've ever purch
  7. I have that same rabbeting block plane in the pre-nicker variety, even without nickers I absolutely love it! I almost shed a manly tear when it tumbled off my work bench the other day. Thank God for anti fatigue mats.
  8. Thank you all for confirming my suspicions. I just pulled the trigger on a 7518 and a woodpecker PRL-V2 router lift. Guess I'm going whole hog .
  9. Hey all, Currently, in my router table I have a PC 690. Within the next year or so I'd like to build some raised panel doors. I know this router is not recommended for a standard raised panel bit but what do you fine folks think about this router with a vertical bit? Assuming multiple passes of 1/8" or less are made.
  10. I guess I'm lucky. My wife supports my hobby whole heartedly! Maybe it's because she knows the tools will keep me out of her hair or maybe it's cause she knows she'll eventually get something cool if I do. I don't know or care which it is
  11. Thank you everyone for the prompt replies. A lot of useful information here (for me at least).
  12. When building a cabinet (or dresser or what ever) is there a rule of thumb for dividing the space with drawers? What I'm getting at is this: Let's say you have a 24" tall cabinet opening; you rarely see it divided evenly with four 6" deep drawers. There's usually a skinny drawer, one or two medium size drawers and one or two deep drawers. Is there a rule of thumb or a formula to figure out how to divide the space?
  13. So a couple months ago I grabbed a previously opened can of Arm-R-Seal off my shelf to finish a project and wouldn't you know it, it had cured in the can. So I decided I'd order some Bloxygen. I had my doubts as to weather or not it would be worth the money. I've been using it for a couple months now and have had so much as a skim coat inside the can, but that's usually the case for me if I just make sure the can is sealed when I'm done with it. So, the other day I had some Arm-R-Seal in an open secondary container that I was using to finish a project and I thought I'd do a little experime
  14. Just curious if anyone sells on ETSY? What sort of luck do people have selling there wares? What sort of things sell well? I was thinking of making some scrollsaw fretwork shelves and putting them up. Maybe a keepsake box or two. Thanks for any answers. Dale
  15. I could see using them for something that is tapered. Since they're more flexible then a regular featherboard they'll provide consistent contact with the workpiece.