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  1. i dont get this post either. seems like your talking paint and enduro is a finish. go make you own why wait till they outlaw.
  2. hows it doing now after a few days
  3. damn pb do you do any work your stuff is so klean
  4. or ear plugs but if your old like me can't hear it anyway
  5. Mike Frank


    you're funny particle boards hire a cab to drive you around keep the shop guys in the shop that what ya hired them for. I agree with bobby ya on the computer and the shop guys will read what ya said about them bet they quit already if not probably fixin to
  6. that no dent. dents only come out with the steam or the water thing. that is a gouge and wont come out. looks like ya tried to fill it with something
  7. nick and dan and particle board and hhh just so ya know larger saw gives you more table capacity to cut larger pieces on radiuses wood wont hit side of saw like a 14 inch will i mean turn cuts