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  1. If you have other Festool, have limited distance to the wall, need a light saw or if you move your miter saw around a lot a Kapex is well worth it. If it is going to be stationary I would not have bought a Kapex. I have been very happy with the Makita LS1221. I have also been very happy with the Bosch 5312. The price ranges are all over the map. I have not had any issues with any of the miter saw listed above so my opinion might be heavily biased. I do know if one were to have an issue I would want it to be the Festool.
  2. I'll let you know on the fight. She will wake up in a few hours. I only wish I had enough time I would have bought these.
  3. My wife said I should buy her something sparkly. I was not really sure what kind of taste she has so I bought the two best.
  4. There is a lot of 'fun' you can have with this. You can easily put in some logic to do a geo query of where the linking site is coming from and serve up different content.
  5. Was the majority of the show space just a market area for Peachtree Woodworking? The show is Atlanta is always hit and miss. Last year it was nice having Paul Sellers there. There were a few good used tool vendors. The local woodworking clubs were well represented.
  6. This is my personal opinion and I have no formal financial training other than reading and my own experience. Do not take this opinion as financial advice but more as a point to ask more questions. Money is money and everyone needs to be educated on it. With all education you are going to have bias, fanatics, points and counterpoints. The big question you have to navigate is finding the information that financially works for you and allows you to sleep at night. 1. At 23 you have to decide what kind of person you are(gambler, conservative, somewhere in the middle) and most importantly
  7. a little morbid, but check the obituaries. I would find an area that you know you want to live in or some day live in, go by the county office and pull the records to see what land has historically sold for over the last 20 years, then watch the death papers.
  8. Anyone use Old Brown Glue? If so, what is the shelf life on it once opened? Just how badly and how far does the smell of authentic hide glue permeate?
  9. Any chance we could get a deals sub-forum? This thread is going to get gangly after a few weeks.
  10. This sounds more like a boundaries issue.. and not boundaries in the sense of one party or the other crossing lines but communication on where boundaries should/could/would be. ie.. You openly and honestly discuss what are her expectations of time and what are yours and then come up with a win/win solution. You stated that company comes over every day and you feel obligated to entertain.. why/who is coming over every day? Discuss if your wife can entertain them without you, would it be better if people came over less or not at all for x time period, offer to entertain for X time but you n
  11. If you are not familiar with you should check it out. It gives you historical prices on Amazon and some third party sites. You can setup triggers to notify you when an item reaches a target price.
  12. Thanks for the information. A good bit of knowledge in there as well.
  13. I too would love to get back to this way of life; though I would truly love to get back to the days when local was both maker and seller and not just a distributor. It took me a while to break out of the gotta have it now mold. It brings a smile to my face knowing a boutique maker has to source materials, craft my item, and it could be 2 weeks to 6 months before I get it.
  14. When you get ready to order consider a 2-3 day lead time if you are ordering from 80/20 directly. Most of the resellers(the ones in GA) do not stock material. You may also want to consider Bosch Rexroth aluminum framing. It is a more costly than 80/20. They have a much larger distribution network and larger product selection. Bosch can also be bought on Ebay. One other product to check out is Faztek: I have not used their product but others around me speak highly of them. They are based in Fort Wayne, IN about 30 minutes from 80/20. Cheers
  15. I am curious about purchasing an infill plane. Is it possible to buy a smoothing infill for under $250 that will not require a complete rebuild? Do infills cut different/better or is that mostly hype. I notice most all the boutique plane makers build infill type planes, why is that? I welcome any advice you can give.