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  1. If you have other Festool, have limited distance to the wall, need a light saw or if you move your miter saw around a lot a Kapex is well worth it. If it is going to be stationary I would not have bought a Kapex. I have been very happy with the Makita LS1221. I have also been very happy with the Bosch 5312. The price ranges are all over the map. I have not had any issues with any of the miter saw listed above so my opinion might be heavily biased. 


    I do know if one were to have an issue I would want it to be the Festool. 

  2. There is a lot of 'fun' you can have with this. You can easily put in some logic to do a geo query of where the linking site is coming from and serve up different content.

    I have Chinese-based bloggers with some of my Sketchup renderings for their plans pages. Kinda amusing, kinda irritating. Haven't decided what I really want to do about it, if anything. They are direct linking the picture, so in theory they are wasting some of my bandwidth.

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  3. This sounds more like a boundaries issue.. and not boundaries in the sense of one party or the other crossing lines but communication on where boundaries should/could/would be. 


    ie.. You openly and honestly discuss what are her expectations of time and what are yours and then come up with a win/win solution. You stated that company comes over every day and you feel obligated to entertain.. why/who is coming over every day? Discuss if your wife can entertain them without you, would it be better if people came over less or not at all for x time period, offer to entertain for X time but you need time to dedicate to your project/business... Somewhere in there is a line that needs to be established, communicated, agreed upon, and respected.

    There is so much more I could toss out.. but may get a little too personal.

    Feel free to PM if you want to discuss more offline..


    I highly recommend the book Boundaries by Henry Cloud.. every couple should read it together and discuss together.

  4. Unfortunately people have changed... The one on one relationships that many have enjoyed in the past - dealing with a local fish monger or a butcher or your hardware store guy don't exist as they did. In the past they were the norm and now they are the exception to the rule. I have a paint guy that I pretty much exclusively buy my wall coatings from. If he was into the wood finishing business more he would have my business there too. His personality and knowledge of his products is what keeps me shopping with him. Not to knock the big boxes, but people usually don't develop much of a relationship because people are always moving between departments or between shifts. Even some of the prodesk folks at HD shuffle around so you don't always get to build a good working relationship. When it was the sole proprietor, and if he was a good one and personable, people would beat his door down to give him business. I would love to get back to the old way of doing business, however, its the lack of people and people skills that has led us to where we are not necessarily lower prices. I.E. - my paint guy gives me contractor pricing at Benjamin Moore so buying a better grade of paint with better hide than Bear costs me about the same or sometimes less than the big box stuff. So we click and get what we need instead of interacting with people. Let me know when the people come back ;-)



    I too would love to get back to this way of life; though I would truly love to get back to the days when local was both maker and seller and not just a distributor. It took me a while to break out of the gotta have it now mold. It brings a smile to my face knowing a boutique maker has to source materials, craft my item, and it could be 2 weeks to 6 months before I get it. 

  5. When you get ready to order consider a 2-3 day lead time if you are ordering from 80/20 directly. Most of the resellers(the ones in GA) do not stock material. 


    You may also want to consider Bosch Rexroth aluminum framing. It is a more costly than 80/20. They have a much larger distribution network and larger product selection. Bosch can also be bought on Ebay.


    One other product to check out is Faztek: I have not used their product but others around me speak highly of them. They are based in Fort Wayne, IN about 30 minutes from 80/20. 



  6. I am curious about purchasing an infill plane. 

    1. Is it possible to buy a smoothing infill for under $250 that will not require a complete rebuild?
    2. Do infills cut different/better or is that mostly hype.
    3. I notice most all the boutique plane makers build infill type planes, why is that?

    I welcome any advice you can give. 

  7. With you on this Freddie. My wife comes down to the shop and we have started making cabinets and book cases together. She has said she wants to help with the Roubo. The only problem I have run into is that I do not share well so she went and bought her own CXS and is threatening to buy her own router and sander... and yes, put a ring on it quick.. those willing to share your hobby is a keeper!

  8. I went the same route and ended up going O1. I use a strop and have not noticed that I need to sharpen any faster than the A2 chisel. These are my bench chisels only. I wish they made mortising chisels in O1. 


    On the flip side I honestly do not see that O1 takes a keener edge. I use a diamond stone and they both sharpen in the same number of strokes and both metals peel a whisper thin shaving if needed. 

  9. I would love to use my gi bill to attend a course at the center for furniture craftsmanship in maine.

    I have been applying for jobs in Gent Belgium to open up the opportunity to take a 12 week intensive course. The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship is at the top of my list. I would then go back to work for two years and apply at College of the Redwoods or North Bennett. If that failed then I would apply at CFC.

    Trying to find the hours to dedicate a sold 90-120 minutes a day in the shop is getting tougher and tougher. If I am going to jump ship I might as well shoot for the moon and pick a job with 8 weeks vacation to start. During this time I am going full speed absorbing, playing, breaking and fixing as much as time allows.

    The crazy part is that I do not want to build fine furniture. I want to build exquisite built-ins, with wifi, color and temperature changes from a smart device in a personal space that is well laid out using cutting edge insulation. Geothermal heating/cooling, that gives a very comfortable life. I am likely rambling now....

  10. If you wanted an education similar to North Bennett Street or College of the Redwoods but had to gain it via independent study and/or school of hard knocks what tools and resources would you use to get there?


    This started a little vague..

    1. What books would you study?
    2. Which online instructions would you subscribe to? TWW is a given  :P
    3. Which DVDs are invaluable?
    4. What short term classes would you attend?
    5. What long term(2weeks and greater) classes would you attend?
    6. What projects would teach you techniques and push you to greater heights of learning and skill?







  11. There is peace and solace in doing something repetitive that can be done on autopilot. I find my zen in sharpening and there are times I will sharpen and then polish to a mirror shine for now other reason than it is pleasing to the soul. I have been known to spend many minutes just wasting wood and taking whisper shavings...only to then have to resharpen.

  12. Here is the product to line up your guide rails. I personally don't think it is needed, but some may have a reason for it:

    I had my doubts too but I found two of the current rail connectors work surprisingly well. Frankly it has to, as I wouldn't be able to handle anything longer than the 75inch rail in my shop, it's bad enough handling plywood and long hardwood boards with tricky corners and low ceilings everywhere at my new place.


    I butt up a straight edge to get it aligned, though I've once seen a jig being sold somewhere that automatically align them dead on and hold them in place while you tighten the connectors.

  13. Good idea. I stuck mine on wheels. It seemed like a good idea at first but has become a hassle when taking items out of the lower sustainer.

    I am now thinking about changing the Roubo bench into a Frankenstein Roubo/MFT 8' contraption with sliding drawers underneath.