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  1. Not yet. I blew out my savings and enjoyed some holiday giving.
  2. There is peace and solace in doing something repetitive that can be done on autopilot. I find my zen in sharpening and there are times I will sharpen and then polish to a mirror shine for now other reason than it is pleasing to the soul. I have been known to spend many minutes just wasting wood and taking whisper shavings...only to then have to resharpen.
  3. I am with Steve. I have never met a woodworker who complained about his machine being too big or too powerful unless they are moving to a smaller shop and/or doing all the lifting themselves.
  4. Here is the product to line up your guide rails. I personally don't think it is needed, but some may have a reason for it:
  5. Good idea. I stuck mine on wheels. It seemed like a good idea at first but has become a hassle when taking items out of the lower sustainer. I am now thinking about changing the Roubo bench into a Frankenstein Roubo/MFT 8' contraption with sliding drawers underneath.
  6. Depends on the version you have. If you have the new ones that use two connectors; they are dead on. The old ones with one connector rod will deflect.
  7. Gift cards to Lee Valley, Blue Spruce, and Amazon. No idea what to get besides a saw file. First world problem of having more tools than I use and not enough cash yet to upgrade to German tools.
  8. This is certainly not meant to guilt anyone. I posted the story more of a thanks. The people on this board has shown so much generosity. I have sure I have already saved several hundred dollars in not buying products that would not suite what I wanted to accomplish. Or buying a product that I would not truly enjoy. In addition I have learned so much from reading other peoples questions and the answers that are given. What is truly unique is how intertwined woodworking and fostering has been for me. I dove deeper in woodworking to find an outlet to teach children self confidence and also to reinforce lessons learned in math. My wife and I also intend to use this as a mission to build furniture and cabinets for families that dedicate their lives to fostering. I look at it as serving those that serve others. Cheers
  9. Nothing for sale, but I wanted to extend a huge thank you to everyone that bought tools and DVDs from me. This was an experiment that I was running with our foster children. It’s purpose was to show how you steward things and funds. My aim was to show the kids that with creativity and purpose you can turn ordinary things that you own and no longer use into a blessing for others; and if you are creative you can multiple the giving. We sold a total of $756.00 dollar. I rounded that amount to an even $800.00 and matched those funds with another $800.00. My match was submitted to my employer who also matched my $800.00 for a total of $2,400.00 that was given to foster care. We had several area organizations donate gifts to all the foster care children in our county. We have one foster child that has been with us for a year and is someone we are actively pursuing adoption. On her own she decided to donate several of her dolls that were given to her to help with healing the trauma she has experienced. She in turn did not want to just give the doll away she wanted to talk to another little girl who had been through the same experiences she has been through. I would be a liar if I said I did not shed a tear, or two, seeing discipleship unfold before me. My kid(I love the sound of that) and I spent Monday and this early morning delivery gifts for other foster children. Our county has ballooned in the number of children that entered care; we usually average around 130-140 kids but in the last 3 months we have taken in over 60 kids. All the while the number of foster/adoptive parents has dropped to under 20 and we have lost case workers and investigators. Case workers are now averaging over 30+ cases each, supervisors have taken on case loads, and even the director has a few cases that she manages. Needless to say there was no way the case workers could have delivered presents to every child in our county: some of the children are as far as way 260 miles from their home county. We headed out at 07:30 and did not return home until close to dark. All this to say a huge thank you! I did not expect to collect so much nor did I expect the children to want to give back so much. Thank you all and a Merry Christmas.
  10. That is my idea of a real shop, detached, open land, wood burning stove. I am itching to get out of the basement and into a detached woodshop. At under 200sq/ft I am wanting much more room.
  11. It truly is to each his own. I bought Festool which most people around me think are way overpriced and they would never buy. I enjoy their products and would buy more of their product line if I have a need/want. I am almost 100% decided on buying Felder. Way more expensive than other brands but like my Festool purchase I am sure I will enjoy the quality. The same can be said for my Lie Nielsen tools. You won't see me paying 50k for a truck, or 3k on a flat screen, or hundreds on any one piece of clothing. I am sure Woodpecker has done their research and there are enough interested buyers in the product that will enjoy using it or just owning it. I wish them well.
  12. That is the trap I fell into after buying a domino... I said this will make case construction so much easier and faster.. Bam, a pair of nightstands and a 14x14 room of floor to ceiling bookcases was added to the list. Too bad I work from home, I can no longer ship tools to the 'office'.
  13. Centerscribe is much better tool at a lower price point, IMHO. They make some great tools.. The Paolini guide is a good tool that I am waiting for them to reproduce, the saddle t-sqaure, 50" rule.. and a few others. Then they make some true duds, dovetail marker, planer gauge, corner jig, thickness gauge..
  14. Grabbed some popcorn and waiting to see the uncrating of the dog and cat.
  15. My story: I have had wood tools for about 3 years. At first it was a few hand tools then I picked up a second hand unisaw, the next year I picked up a lunch box planer, the year after that I bought a 6" jointer and a bandsaw. All the while I picked up woodworking magazines and DVDs with the thought that I would gain more knowledge and then get to work doing serious woodworking. This year I finally decided to just dive in, bought a subscription to TWW, bought 50+ bd/ft of wood, a sander and vacuum, and printed out this quote to hang in the shop: “If we let ourselves, we shall always be waiting for some distraction or other to end before we can really get down to our work. The only people who achieve much are those who want knowledge so badly that they seek it while the conditions are still unfavorable. Favorable conditions never come.” - CS Lewis I also purchased the Benchrafted hardware and am ramping up to tackle the wood bench project. I hope this give someone the nudge to just dive in and get started making some dust. Cheers
  16. Those are good prices. I shop at CAG lumber. A local sawyer just north of Gainesville.
  17. There is a pricing strategy in that market. Price it too low and it will come across as cheap even if you have a healthy profit margin in it. Yes, have a story with it. The high end segment is very much about the experience. But do not fabricate a story. Spin a good tale of the history of the wood, the tools, and/or the symbolism of the design element.
  18. I am starting the holy quest of bench wood decision. After looking at scores of pictures one thing I have noticed is that every bench I have seen uses a light colored wood. Has anyone made a bench out of walnut or any other dark colored wood? Is there a good reason why workbenches have stuck to light colored woods? I could see the choice for light colored woods on an assembly bench but you are likely not working with small parts on your workbench.
  19. Just went through looking at all the different domestic woods I could use: hard and soft maple $6 4/4 goes up from based on thickness ash $6.50 4/4 beech 3.50 4/4 This might be an option depending on how many board feet are available red oak 3.95 4/4 also another option birch $4.35 4/4 SYP $1.25 hard to beat this price I am just north of Atlanta and going to submit price requests from a few mills in the Carolinas. It may be worth driving an hour or two if I can get ash or maple for the same price as beech.
  20. I finally placed my order for my bench hardware. I am leaning to SYP for my bench build. On my mobile but will search through the archives to see if others followed my wood choice. I was leaning towards maple or ash but just can not find any close enough under 6-7 bucks. I will be sure to take pictures and post along the way. Cheers
  21. Holzwerken Magazine.
  22. What is the shelf life on canned shellac?
  23. Have my shop space so disorganized(for so long) that when cleaning up I realized several books and tools I had bought twice and a few tools three times. My wife says that was a waste of money. I said they are like shoes and purses so I bought extra to coordinate with the jointer or planer; and that is second dumbest thing I did and also how the fight got started.
  24. wintersedge

    Time to rent?

    What about renting/buying another home in your neighborhood and moving most of your production there? Of course check with your local zoning.