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  1. Free DVD on building wood bodied plane. If you are interested post here. First come first serve. Shipping is on me. Merry Christmas. Here is the link to the DVD
  2. Thanks, though I must say the same is true for everyone here. I have learned so much in the short time I have been active on the board. I have had some members send me paragraphs of data on a question I posted. It is like having an army of mentors. Cheers
  3. Brand new Carter 14" Urethane Band Saw Tires for Delta or other 14" band saws. I bought these for a Delta X5 and Carter was wrong about these fitting. Yes, I am bitter about so I am making this a positive experience and giving them to someone who can use them. Please ensure that you can use 3/32 thick by 7/8 width tires. My saw required 5/32 thick tires. Please post or PM why you want these.. I want to hear a happy story Shipping is on my dime CONUS. If you are outside the US I will expect you to pay shipping and all custom duty associated. Cheers and Merry Christmas.
  4. Free to a good home. I changed out the band saw upper and lower guides on a Delta X5 14" bandsaw. The blocks have seen very little use. If you are interested in let me know I will ship it out this week. I am making it a first come first serve. I am also covering the cost of shipping so this is limited to CONUS. If you are international and want it I will ask for shipping costs. Cheers and Merry Christmas
  5. Just curious how the sharpening has worked out for you? I am looking at taking the plunge into Japanese saws after working with their chisels. I would prefer to stay away from 'throw-away' blades. Cheers
  6. Forgot to add the link for the KC woodworkers club:
  7. What size tips do you find you use most often when spraying for furniture and cabinets?
  8. Logged in at 02:00EST and the items I was interested in was sold out.. I was truly surprised how quickly that went. I will have to be a little earlier next year. Looking forward to my saw file and LED lights showing up. I still wish we had US stores here...looking at you Mr. Lee.
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone. I am pulling the trigger on the Fuji. Cheers
  10. It is an idea that has worked. It is tough but becomes much easier as you scale up. You may want to check out the Kansas City Woodworkers Guild. They are one of the largest in the country: Greenville South Carolina also has done the same idea though they did it under a 501c: I have been to both and they are impressive. There is never a shortage of volunteers. And the best part is having hundreds of years of experience around on a Saturday afternoon. Cheers
  11. I have not used that product but I use silica gel with excellent results. My shop is unconditioned and swings from 40-80ish degrees. During the summer months I have had humidity as high as 90%(hello georgia). I am not sure how large your space is. The product I use is sold by Highland Hardware: The best part is that the product is reusable. You just heat it up slowly in your oven and place the container back in the area. This container is a little bulky and will not fit in a drawer. This might work better if you are trying to use a rolling tool cart: Cheers
  12. Resurrecting an old thread... Just curious what system and brand you went with? Can you share what you have liked and disliked about your choice? I am in the $500 dollar budget range and debating between an upper end Earlax, low end Fuji, or should I save a few more benjamins and get a Q3/4 Fuji or Apollo? Cheers
  13. wintersedge

    New plane!

    Yes, I lucked out in that area as well. My wife plays piano and flute. I had no idea instruments were so expensive. And then she buys clothes to perform in... My tool prices look more like toys. She is also going over to Germany to signup for school... She says are there any NAINA tools you want while I am there? Me.. just grinning ear to ear knowing I have the best wife.
  14. This is just awesome customer service!! Done supporting American economy... Time to support Canada, aye.
  15. I had posted on another board asking about Lee Valley deal... And this was the response
  16. wintersedge

    New plane!

    Secret to tool happiness. Talk about a tool that is nice but you just can't see yourself spending that much on it. Use other tools and finish honey do project at a rate of 1 or more per month. Not talk about tools over dinner, unless relating to honey do project. Once a night date night. A trip to Highland Hardware and a movie is not gonna cute it. Plan to spend a night engaged in her activity. Request she talk a class with you. Buy her a set of tools for herself. Boom Lie Nielsen and Veritas arrives at the door
  17. She said 50/50 spend alike. Whatever I spend she gets to spend. Then she said spend whatever I like, she didn't care. I am not sure if that was 100% freedom or a dare. I am gonna error on the side of caution and not spend any more and take her to dinner and the book store. I will try this again tomorrow after breakfast in bed. Will report back new results in 18 hours. Wish me well.
  18. 875 on clamps. I just had to show this to my wife and reason that my order of clamps was nothing and I should do more to support the economy.
  19. First off I have no spraying experience so this entire question may just be ignorance. How much is it worth buying an HVLP? In that, will I see a better application vs using a brush? Is it exponentially faster? Are the results more consistent? What is a good price range to have to get a unit that is beginner friendly and give me lots of head room to grow into? I have only used shellac and BLO to finish past projects but I am looking to try new finishes and might as well learn new techniques. Cheers
  20. I did try a quick experiment. I glued up a 2x6 SYP to make a mock leg. I then planed the 'leg' tonight to take out the rounded edges.... I can say our forefathers did not die due to lack of exercise. My shop is 60 degrees, I was in a t-shirt and broke out in a sweat and was short of breath. Pushing a #7 around for 20-30 minutes is a great exercise. If anyone has built this bench out of maple or beech using only hand tools they must have the stamina of an ox!
  21. I have two planers. A Bailey 4 1/2 and a Bailey 5 1/2. Didn't see a need for two jointers... Wait... Wrong forum to make these comments.
  22. If you are interested the plans are in the magazine #37 and 38. It is only available in German.
  23. I find it is simple to use, low cost, low waste, long shelf life when in flakes, and never have to worry too much about fumes or any allergic reaction.
  24. If you make your cash by woodworking I would buy a second one in a heartbeat. I have always found, no matter what field you work in, it is always nice to have a backup and in time you learn to optimize your workflow and increase production. If you have the space and cash I would jump on it. - disclaimer: this advice does not apply to having two wives.
  25. Keep checking for grants and scholarships especially if you are upperclassman. I was amazed at how much is available for nontraditional students. Congrats on school as we'll.