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  1. stevem4

    oak bookcase

  2. Very nicely done, an elegant storage solution.
  3. Of course I mean MIGHT experiment with that..
  4. Thanks for the replies guys... Chip, I agree with you about the box, and the lip and maybe a shelf are things I'd like to incorporate in the next version, I had a problem designing it that way without making it appear top heavy to be really careful with that. Like vic says, I don't want to over design it...but I do want it to be as useful as possible. And vic, thanks for your encouragement and I love your idea about the feet, reckon Iight experiment with that... Keep the critique coming guys! Cheers all, steve
  5. A friend of mine asked me to make him a gentlemans valet stand to hang his suit on at the end of the day, and with no other design brief this is what i came up with. Its made mainly from european oak with american black walnut details, maple drawer sides and cedar drawer bottom. Its my first go at laminating (trouser rail arms and curved feet..) and template routing (main uprights). I'm pretty new to woodworking and very new to design. so although i'm fairly happy with this stand i'd like to make another for myself and try and refine the design. Any comments would be welcome... hopefully your observations and advice will help me sort out the niggles i have with it. The feet for example... Cheers! Steve
  6. I love it, what a fantastic idea! Want one.
  7. stevem4

    recent projects..

    A gentlemans valet stand.... a couple of bookcases, tv stand and bits and bobs