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  1. Anybody have this? Any comments on it....good? bad? Thanks! http://www.mlcswoodworking.com/shopsite_sc/store/html/smarthtml/pages/powerlift.html
  2. I wonder could I sand it smooth and try wiping glossy polycrylic over the top. I sprayed the latex.
  3. I have a final coat of glossy latex on top of mdf that is a little rough and has some dust nibs. Can I sand it without ruining the gloss? What grit should I go with? Thanks!
  4. So how do I measure this out? By weight or volume?
  5. Alright. Im gonna give it a try. I'm also going to try mixing polycrylic with the latex and see how it goes. I happen to have a can sitting around so might as well give it a try.
  6. That's interesting. I'm painting MDF and it's going to be pure white and glossy. I want it to almost look wet. So I would like to try your method of laquer with 10-20% paint mixed in. I already primed the material with zinnser 123 water based primer which is white. Do you think I could use polycrylic with the white paint mixed in? Or should I just go with the water based laquer? The paint I have is 100% acrylic latex from sherwin Williams.
  7. I'm trying to spray latex paint via hvlp and find that it's too thick. When I try just using a brush I get terrible brush marks even when floetrol is added. I came across an article that recommends adding a water based varnish (polycrylic) to thin the paint for spraying. It adds durability to the paint as well as a shine. Which is great for my application. The article does not state how much to add though. They also said a product called Seal Krete Wet Look works great. Has anyone tried this or have any thoughts about it? Good or bad idea?
  8. Thanks guys. How should I sand mdf for painting? Maybe like 120 and up to 320 on the edges? What about spraying 1lbs cut shellac as a primer/sealer?
  9. I'm building a bed out of MDF and ply for a child and she wants the bed painted white. I've tried painting shelves in the past with a quality latex paint only to find everything gets stuck to it. What type of paint is recommended for this kind of application? If I spray some polycrylic over the latex would that work? Second question: We saw a piece of furniture at the store that was white and super glossy. It looked almost plastic. How could a achieve a finish like this? Is it just many coats of a glossy polyurethane? Ps. I'm new to woodworking so sorry if these are stupid questions! Thanks!