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  1. Last call... Thanks to everyone who shared their thoughts...
  2. Don, (dwacker) I came into education after 30 years as a general contractor. With politicians taking over the educational system, I'm confused by your statement that I should be " darn disappointed in the math programs and teachers."? Math programs are now dictated by the Feds and States...No Child Left Behind mandates this... Teachers must teach the curriculum provided to them in the allotted time. Most Math teachers I have spoken with want to spend more time with the ruler... A teacher can be dismissed because they spend too much time teaching the ruler over other SOL subjects. Need proof of this insanity???...Stop by your local high school...
  3. John... Thanks brother.... I hear that... Joe
  4. The only thing better than kids are grandkids... Ask your parents.... Joe
  5. John...and others... Please give me a frame of reference of experience... Even if you have only been woodworking fo a few months, it shows your understanding of the importance of the lessons of the ruler... As in... Joe Novack (Woodworker 2 weeks) As a user it all has merit... Thanks much... Joe
  6. Sorry.... For you/us dinosaurs... SOL (Standards of Learning) tests are a nationwide standardized assesment of how well students are doing...
  7. Thank you Roger... How long have you been a woodworker? Thanks... Joe
  8. I am a Woodworking teacher grades 8-12... In my effort to find out why my 8th grade students could not read a ruler I was told (by fellow teachers) that although the ruler is taught in 2nd and 3rd grade, it only constitutes 1 or 2 questions on the SOL... Not 'important' enough (SOL-wise) to spend time with... This is the mindset of most school systems across our nation right now... Astonished by the ignorance of this I googled up "What The Ruler Teaches?" and found nothing... Obviously biased, I started thinking about all the ruler teaches us... Order, symmetry, estimation, fractions...... I would love to 'publish' an online paper to impress upon school systems the importance of truly TEACHING the ruler... Here is your chance to be heard... Fill in the blank.... "The Ruler Teaches _____________________" I will give credit for every answer used... See below for example... "The Ruler Teaches Order" ~~~Joe Novack (Woodworker 35 Years) Please do this... This could be VERY powerful with your help... Thanks... Joe
  9. Please keep them coming... The following is my response in another forum after a teacher posted about a student who passed away and whose parents created a memorial of his woodworking at his wake... Dave... I had the exact experience at the wake of one of my students in my 3rd year of teaching... This student had two sets of parents....(Father/Stepmother ... Mother/Stepfather) Whatever he made in class was in duplicate... He always worked twice as fast so he could have something for both of his families. I never saw any family members at Parent/Teacher meetings...Not their style... At his wake both sets of parents brought all of his projects for display which created quite an impressive array... (Fighting tears here...) At his funeral family members spoke to the congregation of his love of woodworking class... Both the Mother and Stepmother told me how he couldn't wait to show them each thing he made in my class... I lost a student this week because his father and step-mother wanted to punish him for his home behavior by taking away his favorite class...So they had him removed from my class... He cried as he told me that he could no longer be in my class... We (Teachers) don't teach Woodworking or Carpentry or Shop (or Math or English)... Teachers do not teach subjects... We teach young men and women... There is so much life-changing power in the simple words "Good Job!" spoken to a young student who turns in a project for grading... We've all felt it... Know this... Although there are only a few of us who post here...this very day thousands of mothers across America were given a hand-crafted gift proudly presented to them by a student whose favorite class is shop class.... All the best... Joe
  10. As a retired custom home builder (now) Middle School/High School Woodworking teacher (10 years) I am wondering what initially brought you to woodworking. For some it was a school class... In my case I never had any type of shop class....It was never a part of my education. For some it was family... In my case there was no father figure or other male presence in my life who took me to 'his shop'... I grew up in Queens, NY and don't remember anyone that would have steered me towards anything close to woodworking... And yet...I was drawn to working wood... Who or what inspired you???
  11. What a great way to start a Saturday morning.... Good coffee and the video... Thanks!!!!
  12. What do you think are the 3 skills that every young woodworker needs to know???
  13. What was your favorite woodshop project (or beginner's project if you didn't take shop)???
  14. Marc was kind enough to open a new sub-forum for teachers of all the woodworking disciplines. Please note that this forum page is not solely for educators and that the teachers who do check in would benefit greatly from the insight and perspective of all professional and amateur craftspersons. Please check out the page and help us help the next generation of woodworkers... All the best, Joe Novack
  15. I'm a newbie and am not sure how to contact you on the board... Check out my teacher's site and let me know what you think... My e-mail address is on every page of the site. All the best, Joe
  16. I teach middle and high school woodworking in central VA.... Looking forward to hearing from forum members regarding their woodshop experiences. All the best, Joe Novack
  17. As a woodworking teacher (middle and high school) I am always amazed by the many adults who tell (mostly) fond stories of their shop experiences... Many of them still have some of the first projects they ever made in class... Anyone have a story to share? All the best, Joe Novack