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  1. This is great advice! I am liking the idea of the films so far. Are there sand paper equivalents to the 1,000 and 8,000 water stone numbers?
  2. What are the grit comparisons between stones and sand paper? Which system is easier to learn? Which system yields better repeatable results? Thanks. Quin
  3. I think it was just the very tip of the edge. It felt more like a burr after closer inspection. I have to hone it VERY often. Maybe my angle is to tight?
  4. I have a set of big box store Stanley chisels (I know they are not that great, but they are what I have at the moment). I am trying to use the 1/2-in one to cut some dovetails. I flattened the back and polished up the front and put a fairly decent cutting edge on it. When I went to test it out and tried to do some simple pairing work in the dovetail the edge rolled over. Did I sharpen it at to low of an angle (I matched the factory angle already on it)? What angle should I be sharpening at?
  5. The advice by Terry seems to be working; it is long and tedious though. It started to go much faster when I started deleting layers and forcing things to move to a specific layer or just deleted entirely. What I am trying to accomplish is to design a double dresser. I am very much a beginner and just learning how to work with wood and Sketchup. I am not familiar with the scenes option of Sketchup, and layers seems to be adequate for the time being (first go at design). For future designs should I be using scenes? Thanks for the help with this one guys. Quin
  6. I did that. I even did it on the respective layer, but for some reason it has decided to link all the layers together.
  7. Guys I need some help. I am trying to design a double dresser in Sketchup 8 (still a work in progress and still making design changes). I tried adding multiple layers and then constructing each piece of the furniture on different layers (aka left side, right side, drawer 1, drawer face 1, etc.). For some reason when I hide varying layers some of the pieces that are not associated (or should not be associated) with that layer are also hidden. I check the component info and it claims that it is its own piece on its own layer. I tried the plug in cutlist just to get a rough idea of how much
  8. What angle does everyone put on their chisels? Do you put a secondary bevel on them?
  9. Well, now you have yourself a "DIY" toothed plane iron.
  10. I am trying to true up the shooting board. All the videos I have seen so far show that the shooting board is squared up with a shoulder plane.
  11. Hey, I want to make a shooting board, but do not have a shoulder plane. Does anyone know of some nifty tricks to true it up? Is it possible to accomplish this with block and or Jack planes? Quin
  12. Thanks for the advice guys! The pilot holes and resting my forehead on the brace is helping. I still wobble but not as bad and if I go slow I can get it to bore through.
  13. Hello all. I am trying to make some legs for a work bench with mortise and tenon style stretchers. I glued several doug fir 2 x 4's together for the legs and am now attempting to use a brace and bit to bore out the mortises. I can't get the bigger bits (using a 25/32 at the moment) to keep a good bite in the wood. After about 1-in they stop pulling themselves through (that is also about the depth I think the tip is breaking through the first board before going into the second one). If I use the 3/8 bit I have no problem. It just takes A LOT more drilling and then cleaning the mortise. I
  14. And the answer is: Cut away caulking, remove screws, and then use a 3-ton floor jack and ~24-in board to push with.
  15. Is there an easy way to remove a bathroom counter top without tearing up all the cabinet work. I can only see 4 screws that may be holding it down, but I believe the top (MDF) has been glued to the cabinet structure (oak, oak/plywood). I am afraid it may take chunks with it. Any help is much appreciated.