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  1. Can anyone demonstrate how to construct a 3/4 inch cabinet door with square muntins? (Not the ogee kind)... Patrick
  2. I have a separate router that I do hand work with so I wasn't worried about taking this one out. I definitely want a good dust collector but don't have the money for it right now. The money that I make from woodworking used to go in to woodworking. Now it goes to diapers and more diapers.
  3. I ended up going to another paint and glass store. Even they said that oil is fading out of the market.
  4. I live in Washington state about 2 hours north of Seattle. I'll most likely be stationed in San Diego next so I guess there will be more of the same then too.
  5. I'm really angry about this. They said it's not green enough! I don't like using flotral and latex. I like oil! What the hell!
  6. Just a reminder to use to your safety equipment or to buy some if you don't have it. This was almost my hand today... Could have been a real ouchy.
  7. I'm leaving it open for now. I've read that it helps and then I've read that it doesn't. Ya never know till you try I guess. The switch came from Rockler. has a video on how to wire up the controls, but it didn't look like it saved much money because I got the switch on sale for $24 and free shipping.
  8. Thanks Pete I was thinking amber shellac. The only problem is that the plywood has those little football shaped patches on them. I didn't care at first because I figured I'd be painting it but now it looks very stainable. The phrase that keeps coming up is, "oh well it's just shop furniture."
  9. yep i thought about the same thing after it was done.
  10. My first shot at making a router table. It worked out awesome! I'll have this for many many years. Now I just need to work on filling it with accessories and bits. It's bare right now. Not really sure how I want to finish it yet...
  11. dang it, I was going to say cough master chief cough but someone got to you first. this box looks amazing
  12. yep there it is. luckily im still using it for christmas lights. thanks guys
  14. It's made for Christmas lights but it totally works. Waiting for an expert to tell me it's a bad idea. But until then, I'm gonna rock it.
  15. hey man that looks great. youre going to do good things in woodworking!