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  1. If you're breaking screws, you're over tightening. The screw just tightens things up enough until the glue dries.
  2. I use 1/4" just because I have one of these I make my own templates out of 1/8" MDF. Guarantees that I have level shelves. It seems that I can buy both size clips at most stores. But I would go to your local store and see what they have more of and then buy that size bit. In my opinion, the two different sizes are too similar to provide a major difference in performance. Just pick one size and stick with it.
  3. That is awesome, great job. How big is it? looks to be around 4"x6"
  4. If it's a small enough box that won't get a lot of rough use, a mitered joint with just glue will last a long time. Otherwise, I like Doug's spline idea. Could be done easy enough on a table saw.
  5. I'm lucky, I live near Chicago and have had the opportunity to go in 15-20 Frank Lloyd Wright homes or homes that at least were inspired by him. Even been to flw home/office. I also delivered Stickley furniture for five years and have seen some amazing homes. But enough about me, check out local architecture groups and see if there's any tours and see if you can find some houses or buildings you can get in.
  6. So, do you think I could use some more space in my garage?
  7. That was good, but I think I should have mentioned that this is going to be a 48" diameter kitchen table, with a granit top. I need this to hold up some weight.
  8. Looking to build a table base similar to the picture. Are the legs built out of a single (albeit possibly glued together) board? If each leg is one piece, which way is the grain running? I assume straight up and down. thanks Joe
  9. I'll be blunt... Don't waste your time making it. This is a tool that pays for itself very quickly.
  10. The gel stain he mentioned is a thick, tinted finish. It covers any wood very, very well. Better than any dye stain could do.
  11. Your process is perfect and easy. Yes, General Finishes water based poly can go right over their Gel Stain, just wait a couple of days between for best adhesion. One trick I've found with the darker stains to prevent clumping in the corners and edges is to apply the gel with a rag or brush and wipe off well. You'll have a bunch left in the corners though. Use a stiffer, large paint brush to feather out the clumps. Dig into the corners and spread the clumps out. Keep this brush dry and clean while you're working. I whack it against a towel to keep it fresh.
  12. I wonder if the original poster is more interested in how to make the part that's in the shelf itself? I see a 45 degree pocket buried inside the shelf, with blind ends. What does everyone think the backside/underside of the shelf looks like?
  13. I love it. I wish I had your vision 12 years ago when we bought our house. Go forth and enjoy the work ahead of it. Questions... Do you want painted surfaces or wood? I would recommend a combination if possible. Do you want a theme for the whole house? See if you can keep a main theme and have small tweaks in each room. Do you have spousal support?
  14. I'm with floorboard, check the dimensions. Specifically the diameter of the handle, length of handle until it starts getting wider, overall length, etc. These can all be tweaked a little to take off some weight.
  15. Seal it and leave it. Over the years of use, it will take on a color of it's own and look like an antique. My old pine workbench could have been cut off and used as a coffee table.
  16. Hello all, This might be a little presumptuous on my part but I was wondering if anyone would be interested in watching a Sketchup project while it's being created? This would kind of be like a shop cam. Google+ has a Hangout option that allows me to set up a show that broadcasts what's on my screen. You could easily sign in and watch as I'm drawing. Let me back up a little too... I don't profess to be a Sketchup expert by any means. But I am effective at making renderings that show the details of a project that's in the works; usually bookcases or built in cabinets. Right now, I'm working
  17. Your design is straight forward enough, should work out just fine. Remember not to affix the top to the base without accounting for expansion. As far as the size, right now I'm sitting at a table that's 42x72. It fits 8 perfectly (especially kids), three on each side and one on each end. I question what the extra 6" will give you on the short side if you go to 48". I already feel like my wife is pretty far away when we sit across from each other. I believe the 8' side will give you room for four per side if I can do 3 in 6'. You might want to check with others or build a mock-up.
  18. I haven't read all the posts, so excuse if the solution has already been found. That being said, I would recommend General Finishes gel stains. They go on thicker, easier to handle and hit the color you want. You can put a clear top coat on right away as well. No botching whatsoever.
  19. You know cherry will darken with sunlight, right? Even with a good uv protector,it will still get darker in time.
  20. Bob Flexner talked once about making a fan that eliminated the explosion issue. The blade is on an axel with a pulley. The other end of the pulley is on a motor, out of range of the path of flammable material. This eliminates the fire issue and it also makes it cheaper to change fan blade if it gets covered with finish.
  21. I believe the top slide is just for stability, it's not holding anything up. All of the weight is on the bottom pair of slides. The top one just keeps it from going left/right or tipping forward when you pull it out. You could put it in horizontally like the video, but then you have to have the frame perfectly fit to go between the bottom slides and the top slide. I would prefer to put it on the side at the top of the frame. There's no "fitting" issues then. It's just there to hold it vertical. The top slide doesn't need a weight requirement, just make sure it opens as far as the bottom sli
  22. Thanks for the help Don. My old site was just that, old. It was too hard to update, I don't know enough coding to hide my email address, and, to me, the colors and theme just seemed outdated. I also need to pay someone to create real logo images for me, but that's not in the budget right now. I think the biggest stumbling block I have when talking about my site's goal is that I don't need cold-calls. As a one man shop, I get enough referrals to keep me busy (just got one this morning from a neighbor's friend as a matter of fact, yeah). I really just need the site to show that I'm a rea
  23. Move them over to where? And why do I want Google to see them?
  24. I've been doing this for a while and I've only had one cold-call customer from my site and I like that, a lot. I normally refererence my site after meeting a customer to show them past work. I also like having a real email address, not or And according to the readings I've been doing, the blog approach is the new style of web design. I'm thinking that each time I finish a project, I can post a new entry to show the work. I would also add the pix to my galleries. I could also give customers and "in progress" update if I get adventurous.