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  1. Brand new and sealed Mastering hand tools $20 shipped Make a wooden snoothing plane $15 shipped $30 for both
  2. Mk II Honing guide and camber roller-$75 shipped Norton 220/1000 stone-sold Norton 4000/8000 stone-$65 shipped
  3. Woodsmith-$30 for all 44 issues 121,125,126,128,129,130,134,135,136,138,140,146,148,149-153,157-170,172,175,179,188,199,201-205,208,209 Shopnotes-$45 for all 67 issues 43-52,56,57,67-74,76-94,96,97,99-105,107-109,111-115,119-125,134-137
  4. Lightly used veritas low angle block plane O-1 blade, $100
  5. Brand new, never used, filing-hybrid, handle size-regular $250
  6. Miter shooting board and a hand plane...why are you people Making this so difficult with fancy table saw gizmos?
  7. Veritas B-UP Smoother, PM-V11, brand new in box, never been out of the box. Blade has not been touched. $225 shipped
  8. I've never used sketchup either, and I use an ipad 90% of the time. With the App Store there are a lot of different sketchup aps, any that you guys are familiar with that I can use the power tools?