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  1. All, My niece wants a treasure chest, so I am thinking about making a couple for Christmas for the various kids in the family. Ideas: Use a scaled down version of Duane's Steamer trunk as the basic idea of the box. I was thinking about 1/4 the size. The trouble comes in when scaling down on getting the dimensions on the stiles and rails. The parts seem like they are getting a little too thin / short to be effective. If anyone can help here is what I am looking for: Steamer trunk in the size of a box that children can play with but it would also last. I am also planning on building the box completely and then cutting the top off so that it matches well. Building the top would be difficult at this scale. The attached sketchup is a scaled down version of the one Marc built and I would appreciate any help or suggestions on how thick, wide, tall etc to build the box. Seems making the sides too thin will cause a good deal of difficulty. Regards, MolokMot Scaled_Steamer Trunk.skp
  2. Hey all, I am looking for some help on this topic. For all of you with the R4512, craftsman 21833, etc. I bought a router table extension for my table saw and I am not sure the best way to mount it to the table. It seems that the table itself is thicker than the rails on my TS and it also has the supports underneath. (see picture in the link) Router Table I would really like to mount this on the right side of my blade in the open space. The table seems to be way too big for the left side. Anyone see any issues with it on the right side? I am newer to wood working, but I have a decent amount of tools, I just need a little direction on how the heck to make this work. Modifications Needed: The router table has plastic edge banding that makes it a little wider than it should be, so I am going to need to flush trim the sides so it is exactly 27” and will fit between my rails. Any help would be really appreciated and I will eventually turn this into a blog to explain to other how to do this with pictures and hopefully video if I have the capability soon. Thank you all in advance. MolokMot ** Also Posted HERE on lumberjocks
  3. This is a pencil holder I am working on. The main idea was taken from Marc Spagnuolo (TheWoodWhisperer)with some slight modifications. Instead of putting the holder on a base, I inset a bottom inside of a rabbit. Sanded to 320, applied four coats of waterlox sealer / finish. extra-fine sanding on the second and second to last coats. *Lessons Learned:* Sand first, then create the miter joints. Create the rabbits before creating the miters. *Project Highlights:* First Miter Joints First rabbit First time using a dado set in my RJ4512, or ever for that matter. To view the project video done by Marc Spagnuolo (TheWoodWhisperer) click "here (31 – Pencil Holders)":
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    Yeah, I know people make fun of us pen turners, but they are quick money makers that help me outfit my shop with new tools.
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  6. I just bought a brand new Ridgid R4512, partially due to the safety features. The one issue I am running into is that the cuts for the current project are only 1.5 and 1.25 " wide. The guard is almost that wide which leaves no room for the push stick I have. I should make a thinner one for future projects, but for these particular cuts, I have taken the guard off. Once the cutting boards are done and I move on to thicker projects, then it will be reattached. I do love the riving knife and anti kick back additions. They are awesome.
  7. Hey everyone. I am looking for a short class or maybe even an experienced wood worker with a nice shop and the willingness / skill to teach a relativity new wood worker a couple of things and perhaps put together a small project. (Box, picture frame, etc.) I will be on vacation near Charleston, SC the first week of July. I am not necessary looking for a full weeks class but maybe a day or two and a couple hours of instruction. Regards, MolokMot
  8. TimV, Yeah, I think she wants it taller, but relalized that should could potentially use it for DVD storage. This would be the Height of a DVD, not the thickness.
  9. Beechwood, Thanks for the reply. The traditional comment was pretty funny. I was thinking mostly of what people would typically use for this type of joint. Guess I should really be careful using the word "Traditional".
  10. Hey guys, I am new to box and cabinet making, so I thought that I would ask the question to see if the more knowledgeable folks could tell me the best possible method. A client has a TV cabinet that was purchased from Ikea. The current flat panel TV sits on top with no problems, except she would like to raise the TV height about the size of a dvd. So the thought was to build a small platform on top of the current tv stand and create a small opening in the front just big enough for dvd's to stand up in. I am going to make this out of 3/4 plywood or MDF as it is just going to be painted white to match the current setup. See attached sketch I will be putting in a T shaped support to be the backing for the DVDs as well as extra strength using dados. My questions: Is a Rabbet joint strong enough for the top of this that the TV will sit on? Would you cut the rabbet into the top, or the sides? What joint would you recommend? Is there a traditional joint used for this? Any good (free) resources you would recommend?
  11. Since the previous meeting didn't occur, are there any thoughts to scheduling a new meeting time? Regards, MolokMot
  12. Cyclingneko, Did you happen to put a router table in the saw extension? I am thinking about using the MCLS router extension XM EXTENSION TABLE 1 Any thoughts? I would build my own, but I am not sure I have the tools to be as accurate as I would get in a purchased solution. Regards, MolokMot