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  1. as far as the second accident goes; he was making a batch of chairs, working on the seats in particular. As he was feeding a seat bottom blank through the saw it started to chatter or jump. He had to hold it in place with his right hand, (fence on the right of the saw blade). That took the use of both hands, left to feed the piece through the saw and the right to steady it. And as I said, a lever and not a big button to push in order to stop the saw. So, he pushed bravely through and was almost finished when the piece came back over the blade, if you can picture, pulling to the left and dragging the right hand over the saw blade and with his balance being out of whack, he ended up putting his wait onto the saw. My son Stephen ran to the house and grabbed clean clothe diapers and wrapped the arm. He then ran out the lane to get help from a nearby road crew. His boss for some strange reason (likely just felt helpless waiting) followed him out the lane. Stephen laid him on the shoulder of the road and one of the road crew guys was racing up the road already on the cell phone; it was plainly obvious that it was an emergency even before he talked to my son. And no, they have no phone; they are Orthodox Mennonites, as I once was as well(which might help you understand my primitive setup) Even if people have convictions against using the phone, a pay as you go cell phone can be should be in the first-aid box. Even if you don't have any money on your account, it can still make a 911 call if its been activated. That way you would have it for emergency use but still not have it for convenience if that is how your particular convictions go. But as of yet, they don't have a phone. The nearest payphone was likely about a block from the hospital, 5 miles away! As for the guards on our own equipment, it had belt guides but not shields. They are to be fabricated soon as I upgrade various things after this build. Thanks for the microjig link; will check it out. The saw is a ten inch saw with relatively small inserts, but something must be available.
  2. My shop is way too messy, that's about to change, but 9 children (5 girls and four boys) means many hands working in the same place. Belt drive systems do work, but the best way in the long run to stay off the grid and be safe and efficient is solar power and batteries, with the engine for back-up horse power when needed. Belt drive is simply not as safe; my 13 tr old son reached for the crank of the thickness planer and reached into the v-belt pulley back in August. Pins and a cast latter and we are still going for therapy every two weeks. The Saw-stop tech. will not work without power, if I correctly understand the principal, Too bad; the boss at the shop where my 22 yr old son works had a battle with a table saw and lost. The details are grizzly but the long and short was a saw cut from the knuckles, penetrating the hand for several inches, through the wrist, and up to the elbow. Belt drive system, no big red button to push, on a saw older than your grandfather. That is why my son won't be coming home to work in my shop this winter; he has to keep that shop running as well as do the farm work. Too bad, he's the clean freak in our shop. I love that particular freak!! Really talented; a "never stuck", if your familiar with that term. As an aside, does anyone know where you can get an after market set of riving knives/kerf splitter for the old delta/rockwell table saws?
  3. me? too cheap/poor to buy but i love to scrounge! We tore out the cabinets from a grandmother flat (no, we didn't turf her out, she had passed away) and have used different portions around the place. Medicine cabinet for the barn, (bad idea, particle board and the barn is a moist environment, but hey, the pigs don't complain!) and a somewhere cabinet for the shop. As in "Dad where does this thingy go?" "Just put it somewhere"
  4. hope you guys don't mind looking into my cave. <iframe width="425" height="349" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>