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  1. AceHoleInOne

    Mahogany Finish

    Oil based or water based filler? Using a sealer first makes it easier to remove the filler from the surface of the wood so you have less sanding of the surface, leaving the filler in the grain. Sanding wood with a high grit paper can do the same thing, thus blocking absorption of filler from sticking on the surface, meaning... it's easier to remove the build-up from the surface. -Ace-
  2. AceHoleInOne

    Tips for refurbishing old American Cherry wood planking

    I would contact a floor refinisher and run it by them first. My thought, is to get the boards down on the floor and have a floor refinisher do the rest. They will sand smooth, etc. -Ace-
  3. AceHoleInOne

    Cypress depression

    If this were me, scrub brush, bucket of TSP and household bleach or deck cleaner. First, wet the wood good with water then scrub with the solution and hose off really good. If you still see the mold use straight house hold bleach and a 1 gallon weed sprayer with some water. Let sit on wood a few min and scrub chair, rinse with hose really good. Think of it like cleaning your wood deck at home. Maybe find a better top coat containing an oil, they seem to last longer than water-based outdoor finishes. From time to time wash your chairs with soap and water to keep the dirt off. -Ace-
  4. AceHoleInOne

    THE hand tool - GLOVES!

    Yeah... I got the hint about sex from my wife too, now it's just hair conditioner and a hot shower. -Ace-
  5. AceHoleInOne

    What techniques can I use to finish at home?

    Really??? Where did you read/hear that from? -Ace-
  6. AceHoleInOne

    Applying Furniture Wax Over Shellac

    No damage to the finish actually provides some protection. Wax provides slip, hence protects the surface from scratching. Dust and dirt wipe off easier. Think of it like a fresh wax job on your car. -Ace-
  7. AceHoleInOne

    First "Commission" - Cabinet doors, prep for paint?

    If I understand correctly????? Since your co-worker has applied the coating to the other pieces, no worries for you. I would rather tell your co-worker it's up to them to prime and paint. That way your co-worker doesn't have to worry about what type of primer you use will play nice with the "paint" they choose. Put that on them. Your job is to build the best damn doors and drawer fronts possible. Or you seek out what type of behr primer works with the behr paint they used. I would sand to whatever the primer coating calls for. Prime and paint...rock on! I would probably recommend to your co-worker that the behr paint from the box store is not recommended for the bathroom environment? (I don't know what they bought - - just guessing its wall paint??) -Ace-
  8. AceHoleInOne

    Bandsaw blade query... Where I get all my bands. Do yourself a favor, give this guy a call, super nice and can tell you all about bands and the saws. -Ace-
  9. AceHoleInOne

    # 11 Biscuit

    Time to move on. Come on, you deserve it -Ace-
  10. AceHoleInOne

    Sawstop folding outfeed table

    Thanks for the info!! Ummm, I also use my shop made outfeed table to put crap on. If I had that one, my crap would fall through to the floor.... -Ace-
  11. AceHoleInOne

    Arm R Seal on chair arms

    You are correct about the skin oils and just being a human on the finish. Im wondering if you didn't apply enough? You advised "thin" coats. What you want is a build of finish. Which offers more protection. I've never inquired if water-based offers more protection to skin oils? Solvent lacquer and even solvent shellac will soften from human oils, even easier than an oil poly in my opinion. But of anything, a build of finish is what you need. Also, from time to time, cleaning the arms of the chair with mild soap and water and wipe dry helps remove the human scuts & fugs. -Ace-
  12. AceHoleInOne

    Walnut score...

    Hope those screws hold! Nice score! -Ace-
  13. AceHoleInOne

    Subwoofer Tabletop

    Won't that foam your beer and make it go flat? -Ace-
  14. AceHoleInOne

    Waterbourne finish for a crib?

    Yep, your fine! -Ace-
  15. AceHoleInOne

    New to me finish

    General Finishes has the same thing. I have used the Target 6000 production lacquer in the past with great results. But the General Finishes lacquer seems to come off the gun better and probably has a little more solids, don't quote me on that... I haven't checked. It just seemed more body to it, if ya know what I mean. -Ace- The water based "lacquer" is great for projects not requiring a lot of protection.