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  1. AceHoleInOne

    Bandsaw Reindeer with a Twist

    Buck and Doe in-love Reminds me of the time, someone got out of the car one night after being over-served to much holiday cheer and took 2 of those lit Christmas reindeers on someone’s front lawn and somehow Rudolph got his front legs up on the back of the other deer. It was a shame, those deers must of ran away the next day............................... -Ace-
  2. AceHoleInOne

    Drum Sander Conveyor Belt Tensioning

    I bought mine used and came with a base, so I don't know what it is and have not looked. But it has a foot pedal to prevent it from rolling. You could probably make your own from wood and a good set of locking caster wheels. I was lucky and found infeed/out feed tables...think about that. -Ace-
  3. AceHoleInOne

    Drum Sander Conveyor Belt Tensioning

    I have the same sander, the conveyor is going to be one of those things with that sander. I adjust the belt before each "project sand" Mine tracks to one side over a period of time. I will readjust things as it becomes too close to the bracket. You'll know if the conveyor isn't tight enough it will slip and when you increase the feed rate...basically stays at one speed. I just deal with it, not that big of an issue. For what the machine will do for you and your woodworking, its minor. Enjoy, need any help let me know..... PS very careful if you have it on a mobile base....WATCH THE CONVEYOR MOTOR. It sticks out waiting to get bent ....don't ask me how I know this...those motors aren't cheap! I was lucky with a little time, hammer and chisel I got the shaft straight again. -Ace-
  4. AceHoleInOne

    I need a power scrapper!

    I’ve done large table tops by hand with ARS. Don’t thin, you want the build, it’s a table top. You need to apply, shit and get, don’t over work it. -Ace-
  5. AceHoleInOne

    Oiling Purple Heart will NOT stay evenly distributed

    Ya, but,but,but, won’t the thing just be an oily mess that will never dry and keep weeping oil all the time? I think a better approach is oil let dry, then do it again let dry. Go easy don’t soak it in oil, right! -Ace-
  6. AceHoleInOne

    Oiling Purple Heart will NOT stay evenly distributed

    What kind of oil? Perhaps next board you make, try a drying oil. -Ace-
  7. AceHoleInOne

    I need a power scrapper!

    Don't get me wrong. I have done my share of scrapping over the years. I just don't have the patience to run one. Seem's, I can do a lot of damage catching an edge. Come on---you know you have...........tee hee! -Ace-
  8. AceHoleInOne

    I need a power scrapper!

    Haven't noticed. Last time I purchased a gal can of MC was this summer at Lowes. But wouldn't surprise me. Don't the box store sell on consignment? So if the tree huggers are buying the citrus, why stock the good stuff. -Ace-
  9. AceHoleInOne

    I need a power scrapper!

    That was not directed at you or what you do. I have chemical strip old pieces in the past with excellent results. Old finishes are usually thin and come right off. I’m not a fan of scrapping when chemical strip is an option. That’s just how I roll. -Ace-
  10. AceHoleInOne

    I need a power scrapper!

    Do yourself a favor and chemical strip. -Ace-
  11. AceHoleInOne

    Woodcraft thumbs up!

    Wood? Give Bob Kloes a call. He ships all over, mostly figured stock. He's come across some really nice birdseye and curly walnut. Go check him out! Click "lumber" at the top of his page. He has a Facebook link, that's better to see what he has going on now. -Ace-
  12. AceHoleInOne

    End Grain Cutting Board Finish Recommendations

    I use General Finishes Seal-A-Cell. -Ace-
  13. AceHoleInOne

    Spraying dyes and stains.

    That as well as the private booze fridge underneath. The color match looks awesome!! -Ace-
  14. AceHoleInOne

    Floor protection

    Yea, I'm at that point in the relationship with the new girlfriend and an occasional off gas happens, she must be sensitive to smells too. -Ace-
  15. AceHoleInOne

    Cotton glove as applicator

    Yeah, mine too. I think it's the beer that dribbles off my chin. Damn shrinkage. -Ace-