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  1. AceHoleInOne

    Reconditioned Festool

    Maybe this has something to do with it............hmmmmmmmmm??????? -Ace-
  2. AceHoleInOne

    Back at it again, but this time it's not an old Hooker!

    It looks like an amber shellac is on the piece and dry from sun damage. Chemical strip and recoat with amber shellac. As to the damaged edge banding -- can you remove some from the back top that will be against the wall and use to replace the damage? Or maybe replace the top with say a walnut or apply a solid wood edge moulding around the entire top? -Ace-
  3. AceHoleInOne

    Spotting or blotching on maple veneer ply

  4. AceHoleInOne

    Bit and Blade Cleaners

    Zep heavy duty citrus cleaner works for me. Cleaning router bits - I like to remove the bearing first, so not to get the cleaner into the lubricated bearing. -Ace-
  5. AceHoleInOne

    Mid-century table dilemma

    If this were me, I would chemical strip. Then take a look at what your dealing with in regards to the tones of the woods. I'm betting you will ultimately be applying a dye to the wood first to get a good based color and bring the different wood tones closer together. Then apply a stain and topcoat. This is not easy for a novis without some experience of using dyes/stains. -Ace-
  6. AceHoleInOne

    Blowout from dado

    Backer board! -Ace-
  7. AceHoleInOne

    Getting into spraying

    Any hvlp spray gun will do but it only hurts once to get a decent 100.00 gun. Any auto paint supply places by you? Sometimes they have demo guns you can buy cheap. Don't get the horrible freight purple gun, it's crap. Get a 1.5 and a 2.0 needle and nozzle set. I like the M60 filter for water and oil filtering. The paper replacement cartridge you can use a roll of toilet paper or buy theirs. Most guys forget, its not only water in the lines but the oil mist passing through a compressor that causes finishing issues. Also, I will attach the orange thing () at the spray gun connect. Just to get any pixies that may escape the M60 -Ace-
  8. AceHoleInOne

    To stain or not to stain results.

    Good job!! -Ace-
  9. AceHoleInOne

    Woodtec mortice machine

    Looks like my Delta I bought used for 50 bucks. Eh...their ok. I had higher expectations but was disappointed. Bonus is, you're gonna have big bulging muscles on one arm I still like the router method better, cleaner cuts and faster. -Ace-
  10. AceHoleInOne

    Please Help with refinishing table gone wrong

    Yes, re-strip and use steel wool and scrub with the grain. Probably take 2 applications. Then wash the wood down good with mineral spirits to rid the stripper residue. Let dry a few days. Question -- what wood is the table made of? Perhaps no need for a pre-conditioner. -Ace-
  11. AceHoleInOne

    GF Arm r Seal Problems

    More than likely, they tell you to shake the gallon of Arm-R-Seal because you can't stir the flatteners through the little cap opening You must mix the flatteners with the product before you pour. That's my story and stick'en to it!!! -Ace-
  12. AceHoleInOne

    Famowood experience?

    If this were me, I would cut some small thin strips of wood and make wedges, put glue on the wedges and using a small hammer carefully pound the wedges into the cracks and break/cut off filling the cracks the best you can with wood. Then make a paste from the sawdust and white glue to fill any voids. Repair wood with wood. -Ace-
  13. AceHoleInOne

    Briwax finish blistering

    This is a strip job. Get a good chemical stripper containing MC and get er done. Skip the "seal" coat of shellac and go straight over the wood with the lacquer. Skip the briwax over the lacquer, not necessary. I think what happened you waxed (2 coats) then sealed with bubble wrap and the wax didn't have time to fully gas off, thus softening the solvent lacquer underneath. So the solvents gassed into the wood through the softened lacquer-- add heat and humidity being pulled into the wood from being stored in the garage. -Ace-
  14. AceHoleInOne

    Choosing a spray finish

    I know I'm late to the game. Think hard about a hand applied finish. Spraying chairs is not a walk in the park, especially for a novis spray gun user. You'll have over spray issues to deal with and you need to really move while spraying chairs to keep the finish wet so the over spray melts in. If this is your first spraying rodeo, you'll be sanding your brains out and chairs are no fun to sand off ya overspray. Just my 2 cents -Ace-
  15. AceHoleInOne

    GF Arm r Seal Problems

    What type of wood are you coating? Is a stain over the wood? How long did you let it dry before a second coat or sand the first coat? Since your first coat went down without a problem, I thinking the surface or finish may of become contaminated? You seeing fisheye or air bubbles in finish? -Ace-