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  1. jbs550

    fillable epoxy

    BTW- decided to make the center area for the bottle caps significantly shallower, a little under 1/2"
  2. jbs550

    fillable epoxy

    That's what I am worried about. Anyone with suggestions for application/tips/tricks, would be appreciated. Haven't done this before and would hate to spend this much time on a project and then screw it up at the end.
  3. jbs550

    fillable epoxy

    I am building a pub table for a friend that is going to have bottle caps set into the top. Looking at doing a fill with epoxy and wanted to pick your brains to see if anyone had a suggestion for a good one to use. attached a picture of the top.
  4. signing up gives you articles, but not plans, fyi
  5. http://www.hotnick.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Dining-Rooms-Chair3.jpg
  6. thanks all. appreciate it.
  7. Pat, thanks for the reply. I agree. I think I can work out the curves and whatnot, but not sure about guessing how the seat is set up or how the back connects, etc. I am fairly sure that I could play with the curves with some throw away wood until I got a pattern right, but I am just not creative enough (or experienced enough, but probably both) to figure out how the base and back are joined.
  8. So, I remember a post a while back where people were discussing making plans from pictures, etc. I personally seem to be essentially incapable of this. I have a picture of a chair I would like to build and wondered if anyone would be interested in making a plan for me for a little cash. If so, email me at jbs550@me.com. thanks in advance
  9. have this one too. Pretty happy with it once I got it tuned up. wouldn't have taken nearly as long if I new anything about band saws when I got it. for the money, very good, IMO. If I had it to do over, I would probably go bigger, but would end up spending a lot more
  10. jbs550

    jointer issues

    I thought I had it figured out, which is why I went back to trying to mill the board I needed to finish the project that I am working on. bad decision. Not sure what you mean about a dial indicator for the outfeed table alignment. The head is helical, so I don't know if that matters. I have a 60" aluminum veritas straight edge that I use, that is it. I never had a problem with the tapering until I shimmed the outfeed table, which was the only way the grizzly support people could tell me to fix the coplanar issue. Think I am going to take the shims out of the outfeed side, and try to shim the infeed table. I don't move it really anyway, so it should't matter. Been doing this for over a year now, and it took me a few months to really figure out how to get the TS dialed in, then even longer for the bandsaw, but I just can't seem to get the jointer to work completely correctly at all. When I get something new (which I plan to after my next and hopefully final move in 6-12 months) I am going to get something that is easier to adjust.
  11. jbs550

    jointer issues

    so, I just realized that I accidentally put 8" in my OP. It is actually a 6" jointer. I went back and checked my tables again, and the infeed table pointed down so that when you put a straight edge on the outfeed table flat, and raise up the infeed table, the very beginning of the infeed table touches the straight edge and there is a gap at the cutter head. So, I looked up how to shim the outfeed table to get them completely coplanar. Was clearly not a good idea. I still get the scooping in the middle of the board, and now it tapers the board from front to back and I ruined a nice, highly figured curly maple board before I realized it was happening. Rechecked the outfeed table to make sure it was level with the cutter head. It is. Still does the taper thing. I'm about to just throw the damn thing away and buy a powermatic. SO FRUSTRATED. Now I don't even have a barely usable jointer, let alone one that works correctly.
  12. jbs550

    jointer issues

    Thanks Nick. I bet that is my main problem. The boards are usually longer than the infeed table. Appreciate everyone's help. should have asked a long time ago...
  13. jbs550

    jointer issues

    I always try to keep the pressure on the outfeed side. How much pressure do you put down just in general though? Does it need to be light pressure, or moderate/heavy pressure. I know this sounds a bit crazy. I really wish I could find a CC course or something in the area, but there is nothing in the el paso area at all, seemingly. Maybe I just need to flip the board, and joint the convex edge first.
  14. jbs550

    jointer issues

    eric, frown. do I need to do it the other way?
  15. jbs550

    jointer issues

    bubba, not much, maybe 2mm? Troy, Marc's video (assuming you mean "the jointer is jumpin') is what I used to "learn" (whether that is a true statement or not) to use my jointer. Unfortunately, my jointer is very difficult to adjust the beds, but they are very close to perfect. I have a veritas 48" aluminum straight edge that I finally gave up and bought to use to set it up to make sure. I think there is more vibration than maybe there should be, and I may replace the belt with a v-belt to help. I just can't convince myself at this point that it isn't my own fault running the board, though it seems like that should be relatively easy. I tell you, I love woodworking. started back up a year ago, after not having done any since HS. Marc, through the guild as well as email, has been a miracle helping me learn to do it, but I still have so many issues. eventually, maybe I'll get it. appreciate the thoughts, guys/gals, please, keep them coming.