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  1. jbs550

    fillable epoxy

    BTW- decided to make the center area for the bottle caps significantly shallower, a little under 1/2"
  2. jbs550

    fillable epoxy

    That's what I am worried about. Anyone with suggestions for application/tips/tricks, would be appreciated. Haven't done this before and would hate to spend this much time on a project and then screw it up at the end.
  3. I am building a pub table for a friend that is going to have bottle caps set into the top. Looking at doing a fill with epoxy and wanted to pick your brains to see if anyone had a suggestion for a good one to use. attached a picture of the top.
  4. I am completely incapable of replacing this stock. This is a family (4th generation to me) 16 ga shotgun that I would do anything to make perfect again. The stock is cracked significantly. Not enough to keep it from being useful, and I have permission from my dad (who already passed it down, teary eyed, to be honest because he never thought I would want it), and am going to make every attempt to repair without replacing. However, I would love to find someone that could A. tell me what wood is the original stock, and B. make me a perfect replica to replace it with so that I could repair the
  5. signing up gives you articles, but not plans, fyi
  6. http://www.hotnick.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Dining-Rooms-Chair3.jpg
  7. Pat, thanks for the reply. I agree. I think I can work out the curves and whatnot, but not sure about guessing how the seat is set up or how the back connects, etc. I am fairly sure that I could play with the curves with some throw away wood until I got a pattern right, but I am just not creative enough (or experienced enough, but probably both) to figure out how the base and back are joined.
  8. So, I remember a post a while back where people were discussing making plans from pictures, etc. I personally seem to be essentially incapable of this. I have a picture of a chair I would like to build and wondered if anyone would be interested in making a plan for me for a little cash. If so, email me at jbs550@me.com. thanks in advance
  9. have this one too. Pretty happy with it once I got it tuned up. wouldn't have taken nearly as long if I new anything about band saws when I got it. for the money, very good, IMO. If I had it to do over, I would probably go bigger, but would end up spending a lot more
  10. I thought I had it figured out, which is why I went back to trying to mill the board I needed to finish the project that I am working on. bad decision. Not sure what you mean about a dial indicator for the outfeed table alignment. The head is helical, so I don't know if that matters. I have a 60" aluminum veritas straight edge that I use, that is it. I never had a problem with the tapering until I shimmed the outfeed table, which was the only way the grizzly support people could tell me to fix the coplanar issue. Think I am going to take the shims out of the outfeed side, and try to
  11. so, I just realized that I accidentally put 8" in my OP. It is actually a 6" jointer. I went back and checked my tables again, and the infeed table pointed down so that when you put a straight edge on the outfeed table flat, and raise up the infeed table, the very beginning of the infeed table touches the straight edge and there is a gap at the cutter head. So, I looked up how to shim the outfeed table to get them completely coplanar. Was clearly not a good idea. I still get the scooping in the middle of the board, and now it tapers the board from front to back and I ruined a nic
  12. Thanks Nick. I bet that is my main problem. The boards are usually longer than the infeed table. Appreciate everyone's help. should have asked a long time ago...
  13. I always try to keep the pressure on the outfeed side. How much pressure do you put down just in general though? Does it need to be light pressure, or moderate/heavy pressure. I know this sounds a bit crazy. I really wish I could find a CC course or something in the area, but there is nothing in the el paso area at all, seemingly. Maybe I just need to flip the board, and joint the convex edge first.
  14. eric, frown. do I need to do it the other way?