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  1. You can't really blame Custommade for this, at least they're pro-actively weeding out people like this from the system and educating people on who to go with(with the reviews) The prices have also dropped over the years so it's much easier for anyone to signup and make their own opinion. You would think so but I in general consumers are vastly undereducated about custom built stuff. It's hard to trust people especially when you're buying something that usually takes time to complete and cost a good amount of money.
  2. For every great woodworking out there is is one like this(http://www.custommade.com/by/eandscarpentryandwoodworking/reviews). It's hard enough getting people to branch out from Ikea to purchase quality custom stuff but when there are people out there like this is completely scares people away for good.
  3. Would like to see some shots of you shaping those legs..pretty cool
  4. So it's easy to see the mistake, when I cut the botton panel I cut all the way through the sides. How should I do this correctly when dealing with small sides like this?
  5. I noticed you're in MA, which store is closing?
  6. Check Amazon, you can get some nice wooden ones. I was thinking of doing a 3D checkers and possible scrabble board too.
  7. Not spam, don't delete me. :-) You can get some of those 10% off coupons on ebay that work at Lowes or HD and then use something like cardpool.com to get giftcards to that store at a discount. I purchase $500 in gift cards for $448 and used a 10% off to save 18.5% when I purchased my table saw. You have to plan ahead but saving that much is defiantly worth the hassle.
  8. I see it first hand everyday, makers with lots of great pictures do more business and that's that. If you're in this to make a living take lots of great high resolution pictures to show off your work and then worry about getting those pictures in front of your customers. If you haven't tried CustomMade's JobBoard yet you can signup with promotion code 'woodtalk' to get your first month for $1.
  9. It's a vertical board that hangs on the wall. Pretty cool idea and it should be pretty basic to make. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004G0QNP6/?tag=047-20
  10. That's what I thought so unless you don't want to finish it you pretty much have to get it tested in order to sell it.
  11. Going to shoot over to Harbor Freight to see what they got. Does anyone have the digital kind? http://www.harborfreight.com/hand-tools/calipers-dial-indicators-micrometers/1-inch-sae-metric-digital-indicator-93295.html
  12. Okay, well I doubt I'll be taking it back. It was a complete PITA getting it. Should I pick one of these up(http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2001666/2697/0--1-Dial-Indicator-w-Magnetic-Base.aspx) to check it properly? If it is the arbor is it feasible I could fix it myself?
  13. I'm guessing replacing the arbor is not something that's simple. How BIG of an issue is this, I'm guessing most people that buy these saws(from HD) don't even both doing this so it can't be too bad, right?
  14. Brand new saw(three days old) and I'm running through the basic setup process. It started with this thread about my zero clearance(http://woodtalkonlin...__fromsearch__1) but now it seems there is a larger issue. I don't have dial indicator but using my combination square it appears it's out about 1/64 or less out of alignment. Is this a big issue, something I read said that if it's out by more than 5/1000 inch then there is an issue. What are my solutions/options or should I ignore it? Two things worry me: Kickback, if it's out by this much it might increase the chance. If I create sled
  15. It did it with my dado insert too so it's not the blade. The instructions that came with the inserts say that there might be rubbing and to use a file to smooth it out. I guess I'll try that since nothing else seems to work. I purchased this: http://www.woodcraft.com/Product/2000909/35340/LEECRAFT-RIDGID-R4512-Table-Saw-ZeroClearance-Blade-Insert.aspx
  16. Hard to explain so I made a video. The blade is square with the table(I think, I've tested it multiple times) but it seems to rub on one certain section of the blade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_qOaneBNUs0 Turn sound up to hear.
  17. Iappears that the back rail will only install(holes line up) upside down, should the lip be up or down?
  18. Hmm, so if the stain/finish is certified then you don't have to send your item to get certified? The blog post made it sound like this was not the case but this makes more sense.
  19. I just read a blog post about the law that was passed in 2009 that all things to be used around children under the age of 14(toys,cribs, etc) must be certified lead free in order to sell yet I've never seen this posted anywhere on sites that sell these things. Do people just simply ignore this law?
  20. I guess if I think back this was the actual start of my woodworking hobby. I borrowed the router from a friend to do this and it got me interested enough to start purchasing my own tools and start on bigger projects. I started making it in MDF but the dust was a nightmare so I switched to birch plywood which was much better to work with. I now know how to control the dust from the mdf but I didn't then. This is before a workbench(I used a table) and before an real saws(I only had a circular saw and an old jig saw). I'm really anxious to redo this build since it would come out much better w
  21. For example I found this on the site(http://www.woodstore.net/modshopcabsy.html) and I want to check out the plans but I can't find it in the magazine. Were all the plans in the magazine at one point or do they have stuff online that were not in the magazine?
  22. Came across this in an older addition of wood magazine and it seems like a great alternative to a dedicated spindle sander.
  23. I guess the question is it worth the space in my garage shop. :-) It's a floor standing model and unlike my small bench top which I can easily throw someplace this one will actually take up space. My benchtop sucks, when I use a fornster on any hardwood is usually gets stuck so would this one be better? If I get this I might try to convert my benchtop into a mortiser...I wonder if it has enough power for that.