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  1. I made a version of the Roubo bench, and love it. However I stopped before I did the deadman, and the split insert / planing stop, as I had to do some "real projects". I am now starting on some large panels, and just had to get the deadman in, although I've not needed it for a year, it's finally time. My question now is about the planing stop. I have never missed not having it. I love the gap because it let's me clamp in clever ways, put my router down with bit in the middle, and other uses, however the actual stop I've never missed, never needed, and don't see that I will. So in the Roubo videos, Marc quite often says "One of the coolest things about this design is the planing stop..." and I wonder, all this time on, how often you've really used it? Really? I think I'll find removing it to use the gap more annoying than anything, I just love the gap for all kinds of things!
  2. Wcndave

    Tapatalk APp

    No thank you for a well presented netcast! i started looking at some others, and decided it was a waste of bandwidth for most... any you could recommend? I am slowly catching up with the episodes, just finished the gadget station, and wondering why you didn't use hollow chisel morticer for the decorative ebony slots, rather than "dropping" on to a router table, and then finishing painstakingly by hand.... anyway, i'm off topic, and off to bed!
  3. Wcndave

    Tapatalk APp

    You can remove it quite easily, already been asked on the Tapatalk forum. http://tapatalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=8337&referrerid=0
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    Tapatalk APp

    Agree, didn't realise it did that.... perhaps tapatalk should consider taking that off, although perhaps that's how they make their dosh....
  5. Wcndave

    Tapatalk APp

    Any chance of adding the forum to the Tapatalk list? This means that one can update / read on mobile devices / tablets, and keep all forums / PMs etc in one place. Makes it really handy to keep organised, and not have to log in to 20 different forums each day. http://www.tapatalk.com/ it's free for boards, and supports most popular forum installations. Cheers Dave
  6. Wcndave

    Monster Truck

    It's about 30cm long, by 15cm wide, by 20cm tall (roughly)
  7. Xcalibur is a Taiwan tool make that sells table saw in uk through Woodford. Anyone know if they are distributed in mainland Europe. In particular, the above mentioned countries?
  8. Thanks, what do think about 4mm veneer on 19mm ply? Also, I only really use white glue, is that the pva one? What other glues would be recommend for wood?
  9. That's what backer veneer meant.. ok.. makes sense now (I thought some special backing or glue or something at first, sorry, being dense...) Thanks!
  10. Yipee!, first time i have have actually helped someone on any forum anywhere! The fundamental was that the knife, blade and fence are may well be all square and parallel, however if blade/knife not in line, it forces wood to one side.
  11. I had this exact problem, and the reason is the blade is not square... sounds odd, but basically it was not in line with the riving knife, (a bit was sticking out) so it was "drawing" the wood away from the fence. when you remove the wood (so there are no forces on blade / riving knife) are they exactly in line? the knife should be a 1/32 thinner on each side really.
  12. Well, veneer on one side might cause bend, however the idea to do both sides might work. seems a shame to do so when you are using expensive woods to veneer and won't see it. Also, ply has each layer done at right angles, whereas one would not necessarily be following that path... so you may find movement could occur. Really it seems unlikely to me to be much of a problem, however not done it before, so i wanted to check if there might be any splitting/cracking. thanks for your help guys!
  13. Anyone using solidwood has to dedicate most of their design and processing to allowing for movement. However what about veneers? let's say I have 6mm ply and put on a 2m veneer, and it's 90cm across? I assume the glue simply prevents it, however the wood wants to go somewhere, would you not expect cracks, or a bend in the entire piece. I never really thought of it before, however it came to make after watching Marcs episode "wish you veneer"...
  14. Is there any way to make a blog flow chronologically down the page like a story with chapters, as I see that as I post each section, a link appears which takes you only to the most recent post, and you have to navigate back through them? otherwise i shall simply continue to edit the initial post, which seems a little "against the grain" ;-)