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  1. This makes me happy! Where do you get woodworking legos? I want some for myself!!!
  2. Earlier in the post you mentioned that the jointer doesn't seem esential to you and that there may be some other things that could use more since you're just starting out; in opinion, the joint is vital for just starting out and for every other stage of woodworking. I rebuilt an old, solid cast iron Rockwell that I don't think I could live without and can only remember about 2 projects in the last 2 years that I didn't use it. You'll be surprised how often you turn to a good machine when you know it's set up square and true. When I first started, I got the advice to buy the most expensive hand
  3. There are hundreds of ways of to go about it and I'm thinking of trying something new; what is your preferred way of finishing a dining table? I have one that is arts and crafts style out of quatersawn oak and highly figured curly maple, another out of teak and a third out of walnut and purple heart (all solid stock). Is there anything you've done that you would do again or something that you've heard of that you want to try?
  4. This is the great woodworking/finishing dilemma...natural wood beauty = little protection but great protection tends to have a "filmy" look. You simply have to decide what's more important to you. You could also go with a wiping poly that builds very slowly with each very thin coat and decide as you go how much you like
  5. You could try using a self-leveling 2-part epoxy and only pour it in the grooves but inevitably you're going to get some on the top and most likely have to sand it...or you could coat the whole top but it would change the look of the top.
  6. I'm planning a simple arts and crafts style dining table (similar to the photo) that I have a few thoughts I could use some help with 1) The top will be quartersawn white oak (to match other furniture) and I'm thinking about making the base out of something else. How do you think Curly Maple would look for the legs and the apron? 2) Closed I'm thinking it will measure 48"L X 36"-42"W. Any thought on what the width should be? 3) Extended it will measure about 120"L. Do you think I should use 3-24" leaves or more, shorter leaves? 4) When making the pegs to mate the table and extensio
  7. I can't thank you guys enough for all your input (I really think woodworkers are the greatest group of people I've known). I think I'm going to go with Narex and get a full set of their classic bevel edged and the mortise set as well and spend some time sharpening them (I invented a sharpening station that I love to work with that I'll post pics and specs of while I'm working). This way I can buy more and have a little money left over in the old "drum sander savings fund." Thanks again for all the advice, it's incredibly helpful and very appreciated
  8. I'm in the market for some new chisels and am not looking to spend a fortune and am wondering if anyone has advice on a quality set for a decent price. Right now I'm looking between: Narex Classic Bevel - 10 for $120 Hirsch Firmer - 6 for $132 Stanley Sweetheart - 4 for $120 or 8 for $220 I'm open to any and all advice including other brands but this is roughly my price range...and if anyone out there is interested in donating me their set of premium Japanese Chisels I'm also open to that...
  9. I used a 2lb cut appplied with a high quality brush...ya know, now that I tye it, I can see how that could have been way too thick, Ha!
  10. Thanks for the advice. So should I lay thinner coats and let each coat dry overnight or longer? Should I not use that many coats?
  11. I recently finished a dresser/changing table for my new son's room and sealed the top with about 10 coats of Shellac (I'm a sucker for the super glossy look) but when I started putting items on it, they left a mark! At first I thought it was because they were too heavy (lamps) but then a small foam pad for changing left the same "ripples". Have any of you had this happen or know what could have caused it? I let each coat cure at least 2-4 hours (some coats longer) and the final coat didn't see use for 2 weeks. Are the coats too thick? Not cured enough? It's sad because I loved the