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  1. bglenden

    Work Bench Top Thickness

    I've got a ~10 year old plywood bench that has it's deficiencies for handwork especially (not completely flat, vice not flush with legs/apron, ...). While I'd like a Roubo if it magically appeared in my shop, one intermediate thing I've been thinking about doing is building a Shannon Rogers style joinery bench instead for the handwork I actually do, leaving the plywood bench for machine work, assembly etc type stuff. Having experimented with dimensioning wood entirely by hand I know I definitely don't want to do that, so I'm just looking for a good system for joinery type handwork.
  2. bglenden

    12-14” bandsaw resaw - what brand? Sub $2k

    When I was looking for my bandsaw (>5 years ago) the bandsaw I wished I could afford was the Minimax 16 (now metric 400 I believe). I believe it also has 16" of resaw capacity. I am not in the market so am not current on the thinking about today's models, but I'd be surprised if it still isn't a very solid unit / strong contender. (I ended up with a Grizzly 17" bandsaw which does the job but just doesn't have that nice tool fit and finish).
  3. bglenden

    Now what - what to get after Lathe?

    Definitely carbide to start with! Thanks for the info.
  4. bglenden

    Now what - what to get after Lathe?

    What size turning tools should I get - it looks like the range from ~12" to ~30" total length, with the most common size seeming to be about 24". I can imagine that over time we might want to fill in the range, but to start with what's the most versatile size? (I imagine turning a "soup bowl" sized bowl might be my wife's canonical starter project).
  5. bglenden

    Moving large machines...sanity check

    Something I have heard of people using for top-heavy long-skinny lathe moving is attaching trailer jacks (3x) with wheels, e.g. attaching something like the below to the pallet and lifting it up and wheeling it around. No personal experience, bit it seems a possibility: %2B Towing > Trailer Jacks > Marine %2B Swivel Jacks&utm_campaign=Ironton&utm_content=44062&gclid=Cj0KCQiA8_PfBRC3ARIsAOzJ2urW51EL8NeCvuihx-ANkeCiUiPBopkdtc5dlD3Y3wAJe7HqdMvskToaAiykEALw_wcB
  6. bglenden

    Now what - what to get after Lathe?

    Thank you Mark and Riley for the advice and clear explanations. Although the lathe (on sale!) was only my second most expensive tool, I'm pretty sure it will be the champion after I get all the accessories :-)
  7. bglenden

    Un Safest Tool In a Woodworking Shop

    The only thing that has really scared/surprised me while operating was when I was pattern/template routing on a router table and the bit grabbed the end grain hard. Nothing happened, but had I been a bit unlucky it could have. I think the tool that could do the most damage is the jointer - I'm religious about using its guard (my new jointer has the Euro guard which I think is safer for the worst possible accidents).
  8. My wife has been interested in getting into woodturning (probably bowls), and I have an occasional interest in being able to turn furniture parts, so we bought a lathe on Black Friday. (Powermatic 3520C; not cheap but seems to be well reviewed, has a 5 year warranty, and seems to be a good size for what we want to do.) What do we need on top of the Lathe to make some beginner projects (say a tool handle and small bowl). Set of 3 carbide tools? What size? Facemask? Chuck (to be honest I don't really know why/when one is needed)? Thanks for helping a noob out.
  9. bglenden

    Charles Neil Finishing class

    Charles Neil is a finishing master. His presentation style is a bit meandering (I used to be a member of his paid site), but his information is second to none.
  10. bglenden

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Nice & congrats! Although I went segmented, the reputation of the hammer straight knives is that they leave an awesome surface and are dead easy to change.
  11. bglenden

    Moving large machines...sanity check

    My A3-41 came on a pallet placed on top of another pallet, so it was higher off the floor than I was expecting. (Certainly too high to "walk" it off). There are probably lots of potential solutions, but since I ordered the mobility kit I just put that on while on the pallet and then just rolled it down a ramp I built. Easy peasy, and reduced the temptation to lift it by the tables. I agree with Mick that the packaging was very thorough with lots of Torx screws needing to be removed.
  12. bglenden

    New jointer season? I think so.

    Ahh, I'd missed that they were in a sale now. I agree with you - unlikely to ever be better and could well be worse.
  13. bglenden

    New jointer season? I think so.

    I got a big Hammer (41) within the last year and have been very happy with it. My experience was that they wouldn't dicker on price, but if you talked to a salesman they would keep you in the loop for sales (2-3 times per year). I don't know, but wouldn't be shocked to hear that with the China tariffs hitting Grizzly et. al. that their sale prices are not as discounted as they used to be. One thing to think about if you go with the 26 is if you can live with the 2+" less planing capacity than you get with a lunchbox planer.
  14. bglenden

    My final gift to my wife

    What a beautiful tribute to her, and to your character.
  15. bglenden

    it pays to be april wilkerson

    April strikes me as a real firecracker who can do well at whatever she put her mind to. So far that's not fine woodworking, but I'd bet there are a lot of egos that would take quite a beating were she to decide to do so. I think Youtube has been in a gold rush mode, but now it's shaking out. I am seeing more and more "how can I make a living on Youtube" videos these days from 2nd tier creators in my various interests. I'm sure this must be tremendously disappointing to people who not that long ago seemed on a path to turning their passions/hobbies into their livelihood. I imagine it must be especially annoying if the people who seem to not be the best craftsmen are the ones who are succeeding, but first mover advantage, or clear exposition style, or ..., are all real things and valid explanations.