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  1. Chiming in: I've had a half dozen or so freight deliveries (including 2 from Grizzly), and despite it always saying curbside delivery only on the website, in practice the drivers have always been happy to put it in the garage. Sometimes they even refuse a tip. So I think this is only a theoretical problem.
  2. I've had good luck buying and selling on local woodworkers groups on Facebook.
  3. For 5” thick, it needs to be about 26.5” high. So maybe it’s not so hard to find. (The lowest height of my current roller stand is about 27.75”)
  4. Sorry for a reviving an old thread, but since this is the post resulted in me buying my very own Hammer A3/41 in 2017 (very happy with it!) I thought I'd try here. I finally decided to build a Roubo workbench, and consequently will have to be planing long heavy fairly thick things. My current roller stand does not go low enough to support pieces thicker than about 3" in planing mode (I'll need 4.5" maybe 5"). This can't be the first time someone has encountered this, so my questions: 1. Does anyone have a roller stand that they really like that can go low enough? 2. I currently have the unsupported (no leg) short extension table. The long one with a leg seems kind of spendy, but if it works well I'd consider it. But is it even long enough(for 8'+ boards) and does the log shorten enough? Any other solutions this group came up with would also be welcome!
  5. Good luck! I broke my Powermatic lathe (fixed under warranty) trying to twist off a stuck faceplate (broke the spindle lock). I'll never use it without a washer again :-)
  6. And I've not forgotten I owe you an insider VLA tour, although at the moment we're closed to everyone except required staff.
  7. bglenden


    I have the Woodpecker "framing" squares and like them, but the big one is "only" 26". They are pretty spendy and I imagine it's possible to do better (or worse, a Starrett 36" master precision machinist square is $4.6k).
  8. Given that you have (access to?) a CNC, what do you see as its advantages?
  9. I've never had a driver refuse to roll it into the garage. I always try to tip ($20), but it isn't always accepted. My logistics are simple though (paved driveway, very mild slope).
  10. Apropos of nothing much, I work for the place that operates the VLA (and some other radio telescopes). I call myself a radio astronomer gone bad (I now manage software and telescope IT).
  11. I know this is an old post, but the pictures seem to have disappeared. Does anyone have a current link?
  12. Perhaps mistakenly I deliberately did not get twist-lock (I have outlets on the ceilings and the walls), since if I run into a cord or whatever I want it to pull out.
  13. I got a lot of used fittings at a good deal, maybe not a screaming good deal, so I'm committed. I agree at list price it's a lot of money, but everyone values things differently (c.f. Festool (which I have), Bridge City (which I do not), ...).
  14. Sorry for reviving an old topic - but thought it best to keep it all together. I picked up some Nordfab fittings (relatively) cheaply from a local woodworker, so I guess it's time to finally stop dragging a hose from machine to machine and install some actual duct. Is there any update on what the best place to buy Nordfab is these days? (, Oneida, and Grizzly are recommended above, but from nearly 4 years ago).