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  1. I have the g1023slwx3. It had a 3phase motor that I changed to a 5hp single phase. The saw is a beast and takes whatever I shove at it. If I bought new I would not however buy the extra rip capacity I just don't use it in my shop. Right now I have my bandsaw sitting between the rails to aid in shop space. I also have a g1021 planer and a jet 14" bandsaw I only say this to show my main point about grizzly and their superior customer service. Lets face it these are machines and will need parts/repairs from time to time. When I replaced the motor I called up grizzly they got me to a knowled
  2. osgw380

    Elm wood

    Thanks that encouraging I'll post a few pics when I get it sawed.
  3. osgw380

    Elm wood

    Has anyone ever worked with elm. We cut an elm tree down that needed removed and from a large fork to the base I noticed a large darker kind of reddish middle in the log. So I saved that part of the log for getting sawed up. Ended up with 8ft and a 5ft logs. Curious if any has ever used elm I figure there is a reason I don't so anything built with it. I did notice it was very wet and figured I'd let it dry in log form for awhile before I get it sawed.
  4. Todd great video humorous, entertaining and informative. Reminded me of having to eat crow when my wife is right. Allen
  5. I had only used rocklers dowel jig before the dowelmax and there is no comparison. The self clamping and using the reference faces makes it extremely accurate. Who would have thought a dowel max vs domino would turn into getting your oil changed.
  6. I have both and still use both. I had the dowelmax first and it's super easy to use. I use the dowelmax for adding a dowel to finger joints on a piece I build frequently (the domino can't work in this situation). I like that I can use a washer shim on one side of the dowelmax to create a very slightly off set hole that helps holding everything tightly together. The dowelmax is easy to use and fast compared to other option excluding the domino. Now for the domino I have only had it about a month but it is my already my go to. It is very fast and accurate. The price had kept me from b
  7. Looks good what material did u use?
  8. I just watched his new chaitic pattern which is all straight instead of angles. It give me a good laugh because I had began glueing one up like this already it will be a much faster board to make.
  9. Basically what I did. I glued up several boards of scraps into blocks. I ended up with several blocks. I then cut them the thickness I wanted the cutting boards and rotated for the endgrain up and reglued. I then cut them at angles mixed up all the boards from the blocks and reglued. I did this 3 times. Then used a router sled and flattened and sanded. Lot of work but makes good use of scrap and gets rid of alot of scrap at one time. mtmwood on youtube.....be prepared to be amazed and have several hours for video watching he has a ton of great cutting board videos.
  10. Our daily one is a walnut hickory endgrain and I'm with you they feel like granite. The chaotic boards are one way or the other it seems. I like them and the wife hates them so I put my foot down and make them and never bring them in the house.....luckily others seem to appreciate them though. You must be doing something wrong the cutting board is a right of passage....you better get on that. Everyone enjoys them but I can't get family to use them. I sell a few mostly the live edge type most don't see much the reason for the large price difference of the end grain. The liv
  11. These are several cutting boards I did for Christmas time. Some were gifts others were for sale or sold. The finish on all of them was salad bowl finish. Most of them are in the 18"x14" range. These are live edge Hickory long grain cutting boards. I know I know most on here don't like live edge but some do. The middle one had a few natural voids that I filled with epoxy and colored metal flake. This is an end grain chaotic pattern board. It was made with scrap. It has in it walnut, cherry, pecan and hickory. This is another end grain board. The
  12. The last couple years I have been trying to make that leap from family and friends to having some clients and in some areas I have done well but other areas not so well. This last Christmas we opened a shop up in a larger retail store that specializes in small boutiques and did really well for Christmas and not so well in January hoping it will pick back up. I have been trying lots of areas like consignments, etsy, facebook and this year going to do a few arts and craft type shows. It has been fun selling items and hearing feedback from folks but it has been frustrating at times too. Thing
  13. Thanks Derek I couldn't agree more that the dowels adds some strength and I am going to do a test one without the dowels and break it to see what it takes. When I was thinking about the stresses on these pieces that is exactly why I was considering not doing the dowels in the future. What ever I do, I do like it hidden on the inside instead of a plug from the outside...just keeps it cleaner for my eye. Being able to stay in an affordable price range for folks is always a problem it seems and time is my by far largest expense. Lots of people seem to think since it is home built it out to be
  14. osgw380

    Hickory Wood

    I guess I would be in the minority but between the two choices it would be hickory in my house. I use hickory quite a lot and we like the different colors in it and all the character. It to me has a rustic feel when finely finished. I'd say go for it!!