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  1. Use starboard or pvc board for the insides of the drawers and the slides. It will not rot.
  2. Brian, thanks for reply, the only mention I found told me he was only open Sat, Glad to know that is not the case.
  3. Quite a few are at night at Bucks campus. Call for their brochure. Found a phone for Mike Quinn 493 6252 only open on Saturdays
  4. I remember when they advertised homes in Doylestown as minutes from Center City. Seems like all of Bucks is minutes away if you have a helicopter at your disposal.
  5. Check out Bucks County Community College woodworking courses.
  6. Trying not to go to Lowes, they stopped honoring 10% disc for veterans. Said it came down from Corporate. So screw them.
  7. Brian, this may be of interest to you- not affiliated with me
  8. This may be of interest to you-nothing to do with me
  9. Tamaqua, is that up by Allentown? I am also in Bucks Cty just below Doylestown.
  10. Warrington PA just below Doylestown
  11. Ours approach 50# and 5 ft. Main concentration is coming down now from North. The Rips off Cape May NJ were loaded with them. Water temps are getting better in low 50's , ideal for striper fishing. One morning caught 80+ in about 3 hours in ocean. Only can keep 2 over 28" but a blast to catch.
  12. Turnings are striped bass salt water fishing lures. Furniture is usually mission tables, cabinets and chairs. Repairs caning, boat repairs. I will try to post photos of shop once I am familiar with the site workings.
  13. Don't forget the neighbor's Mercedes with overspray.