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    Table Saw

    For the budget, I would look at the used market. Look on craigslist for old Craftsman or Delta contractor saws. These are saw with a cast iron top, and a belt driven motor hanging out the back. They are older machines, but they are far better than anything a new $200 table saw can provide.
  2. mikem

    Table Saw

    What is your budget? What types of things does dad make from wood? If he is a serious woodworker, look at table saws that have a cast iron top and a metal body, vs. the smaller ones that have an aluminum top and a plastic body.
  3. I like the show and will watch when I catch it. For more in depth content, check out Alec Steele on YouTube. He shows most of his process, and explains it well too. His uplifting attitude also makes his videos very fun to watch.
  4. Having a Grizzly Band Saw, I would probably go with the Grizzly over the Jet. The Grizzly you get a warranty, the Jet being used, you don't. I did replace the bearings on mine as well, but it was not an expensive replacement, and only took a few minutes. No, the bearings aren't as good as Carter bearings, but they keep them clean and spray dry lube (they aren't as sealed as you think they are), they will last awhile.
  5. I have never actually ordered wood online. However, the local supplier I buy from, Muterspaw Lumber, does quite a bit of business online. The website is crlumber.com.
  6. Do to the dimensions of the stand pieces, I would have needed 2 pieces of BB ply vs. 1 piece of red oak ply, so the price difference wold have been considerable. This is strictly for the stand, which has already been built. The machine itself is being built by far more stable material.
  7. I built the stand for my CNC out of plywood. It didn't need to be anything too fancy. I started looking at the $30 plywood, and it is junk. I couldn't bring myself to buy any of it . I ended up buying the Red Oak Veneer plywood for nearly double. Even that stuff wasn't as flat as it should be, but it was fine for what I needed.
  8. My dad wasn't a woodworker, but did build stuff, usually from 2x4s and plywood with a circ saw, but was fascinated by it. I took shop in 7th grade, so I was about 13 or 14 the first time I ran a board through a table saw. I bought my first home a year after I graduated in college (2001), the tools I bought were geared more to home improvement, but I did do some small and simple projects here and there over the years. For many years I was heavily involved with my step-son's scouts, and was a leader for many years. When he decided to leave scouts, I found myself with a lot of spare time. Th
  9. I typically won't buy more than 8' long boards, and most of the time, I am picking them up in my Kia Soul. I push the boards between the two front seats, and usually have about a foot hanging out the back, and then tie down the hatch. My supplier always has twine on site.
  10. mikem

    Auriou rasp

    One thought, if it came from www.toolsforworkingwood.com, that is probably Gramercy rasps rather than Auriou. The handle on yours looks the same as the 3 Gramercy rasps I have purchased. Still a great rasp though!
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    First and foremost, I have no issue donating time & money to valid and known charities, or to offer assistance to people I know who are down on their luck. That said, I will not give money to random people on the street. That further said, I will help them if needed. Case in point, I came out of work at my last employeer, which was a hospital. A young lady drove up to me who she said her kid was transferred to the closest children's hospital about 30 miles away, and she didn't have enough fuel to get there. I had her meet me at a nearby gas station, where I prepaid for her pump, and s
  12. mikem

    What Saw?

    I have both a Veritas and Lie Nielsen dovetail saw. Both are excellent saws. However, I do tend to gravitate to using the LN over the Veritas. Just has a better feel to me. As said earlier, a good dovetail/rip saw first. A good crosscut saw second. As for bad ax saws, I will own one someday. I have tried them out a few times, and they are nothing short of awesome.
  13. I have a Raspberry PI out in the shop, and I play Pandora through that.
  14. Do not assume you will never use a bandsaw for resaw. I have used mine for that purpose far more than I thought I would. My band saw is a 1hp 14" Grizzly G0555P, and I have been very happy with it.
  15. I completely gave up soft drinks nearly 2.5 years ago. I never could acquire the taste for coffee, so it was a complete walk away from caffeine as well. I stopped drinking the soft drinks while I was sick with the flu, so the caffeine withdraw was just part of being sick. I still get cravings for an icy glass of coke on occassion, but I get an icy glass of water instead.
  16. One thing to keep in mind, with the format of his show, and the fact he did most of the work himself, he didn't have the luxury of clamping up pieces and waiting for them to dry while a camera crew waited around. The brad nailer was used to make sure filming of the complete project could be done in 2-3 days. While I rarely use the brad nailer on my own projects, I do appreciate the fact that Norm did show as much as he could exactly how he built it, rather than using TV magic to make it look like something else is happening. There is enough TV magic that happens to make a project fit in
  17. My router table is shop made. 2 layers of 3/4" MDF, 3/4" hardwood (maple is what I had lying around) edge banded, Made sure edge banding was flush with mdf top, then added white formica on the top, and flush trimmed, then ran a decent size chamfer around the perimeter. Then used a template jig to route out for the insert. I also routed out a groove for the woodpecker combination t-track/miter slot bar. Both the fence and the cabinet it sits on have been ducted for dust collection. I have had this setup running for a couple years now, and I love it.
  18. If your router is in an enclosed box (as mine is) make sure you always have a dust collection running when the router is running. The airflow, in addition to taking away the dust/chips, will also keep your router from over heating. I have a 12 year old Bosch 1617 in my current table which I build 3 years ago. The table is setup for collection both below the router and above through the fence. My previous table used the same router, but the bottom was completely open.
  19. I have the Delta T-2 on my 113 Craftsman, and it has been great. I have hand it for about 5-6 years now, and it has been great. I haven't used the T-3, but it looks like they made some nice improvements. My only caution is that Delta as a company isn't what they used to be, so that may be something to consider when you are buying. But for under $200, it is hard to go wrong.
  20. Agreed! This was my first block plane. I now have a standard angle block plane, but the LN RB is still my go-to plane.
  21. The handles and blade attachment posts are all the same. With this configuration, the blade can be mounted to any of the three posts. So it starts out with the blade being in the middle like a traditional router plane, but if you like to use the router plane to clean up a half lap or tenon, you can move the blade to one of the ends. This gives you a LOT more stability than using a standard router plane with over half of it hanging unsupported.
  22. If you don't already have a block plane, I would put that at the top of my list as well.
  23. I have played around with the Walke Moore router plane at a couple different shows, and it is a very high quality plane with features that no other manufacturer today is offering. As I have a Veritas router plane that works well, I haven't yet pulled the trigger on one, but I do want one. If this is the router plane you want, unless you have an immediate need for one, I would wait until they are accepting orders again. I have a feeling it will be worth the wait.
  24. It is a hobby for me. Yourself?
  25. Sounds like you are quite busy in your shop! I used to work on Research Blvd, so I know that area well.