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  1. Thank you for the advice, I will give those ideas a try before buying a new bit.
  2. Good to hear both of you are allright. I had a similar experience with the kickback, and had a nice bruise for a few days. What scared me even more was when I inspected the piece and saw how the blade dug into the piece and realizing how easily it could have pulled my hand into the spinning blade. Make sure you are using a splitter on your table saw, IMHO this is the most important safety feature on the table saw.
  3. There was another discussion on raising panels, and I thought I would raise a question with an issue I have had with my bit. I wanted to get your thoughts on issue I have had with my panel raising bit. I think the issue is a cheap bit, but I wanted to see if I was using the wrong technique. I bought the bit as a set many years ago for making raised panel cabinet doors when I was doing a bathroom remodel. When doing the end grain, it was very rough where fibers of the grain had torn out. Those doors were made from pine, so I figured the softwood with maybe taking too big of cut for each
  4. Congrats on the new planer! My big tool purchase this year was a planer as well, and I ended up going with the Dewalt 734 that you had looked at as well. If you can find a good supplier of rough sawn hardwood, that planer will pay for itself in a short period of time. I have found that the cost of board foot when comparing to the big box stores is about a 1/3 of the cost. The savings is more like I would estimate to be closer to 1/2 (still very good!) after figuring in waste due to snipe and sizing. I had actually looked at going with the lower end models of planers (around $200 vs $400
  5. I bought an older craftsman table saw this past winter through Craigslist. The model plate is covered up, but I believe it is a 113.298xxx. Not really restoring it as much as modernizing it, without breaking the bank. The saw cuts very nice. The first thing I did to it, which was recently, was put a zero clearance insert and splitter on it. I think the next thing I am going to do to it is put a new fence on it. I had been looking at putting the incra ts on it, but it would be awhile to do it as even the base model is $400. I have found I can get the Delta T2 for less than half and the m
  6. Derrek, take care in setting that saw up. Especially when it comes to the splitter. An out of alignment or loose splitter can cause kickback. It sounds like even after tightening it is still loose. I would call Sears on this as it sounds like you may have a defective splitter.
  7. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of using any tool safely is being comfortable while having a respect for the tool. There are many aspects of the table saw that could be causing the issues you are experiencing. Without know the specific model of the saw you have, my guess is that something on the saw is out of alignment. I recently bought a used table saw from craigslist. Before using the saw again, I would recommend you go through the same steps before I agreed to purchase the saw. First get yourself a couple of good squares, including a combination square. First, check
  8. My primary router is my bosch 1617evs. It is primarily used in the table with a fixed base (I have three of those), and use it hand held mostly with the plunge base. I have a craftsman fixed base router that only has a 1/4" collet. I keep a flush trim bit in it, however it doesn't get used that much. Not really router, however when I bought my first house I bought a craftsman rotary saw, which essentially is a rotozip, thinking I could use it as a router. (nope, but it does great on dry wall though!) Last I have a dremel tool that I have had for about 20 years now. I am likely going
  9. Definitely a Normite. On his website every Friday evening to watch his older episodes. I feel I have actually learned more watching his older episodes as the tools he used more closely resembled what is in my garage. (There are even a couple that he used a delta contractor table saw rather than the unisaw! *gasp*)
  10. I have two 18v black and decker firestorm drills, and get quite a bit of use. I got the second one a few years ago when the batteries for the first one stopped holding a charge. I discovered it was cheaper to buy a new drill with two batteries than it was to buy the batteries separate. I have put these two through there paces (including two DIY bathroom remodels), and they both have held up well. The only issue I have had with the first one (other than the batteries) is that the removable checked was lost. Actually, lost is not quite accurate, as I know exactly where it is. It is under t
  11. mikem

    "Quiet" Planers

    For the lunch box planers, you are not going to get quite. I have the Dewalt 734 as the extra $100 was a budget buster, but have found it to be a very good planer, and found I can minize snipe nicely. I will however mention that a fellow wood working who buys old industrial woodworking tools has a behemouth of a planer in his garage. (Phase regulator and all) I haven't seen him use it yet, but from he has told me is that it is amazing how much quieter it is compared to the lunch boxes.
  12. Hello all! Looking forward to learning and sharing more about woodworking!