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  1. I have sold a couple of items via craigslist without issue. Each time I required cash and they had to pick it up.
  2. I use woodworkers tape as it doesn't leave any residue behind when it is removed, and is reusable for multiple work pieces. On top of that it is very easy to use.
  3. Actually, all I have ever resawed with is a 1/4" blade. I don't have a rise block, but have resawed up to the max 6" without issue. If you have a riser block I do recommend getting a 1/2" blade. The blade on my G0555P is a Timberwolf 6TPI 1/4" blade.
  4. I use MDF for my secondary fence, but any good straight material will work well.
  5. I bought my last few quartz movements from hobby lobby. I would try a hobby store before going to woodcraft or rockler for one.
  6. I am reluctant to say any brand sell all bad tools just as I don't want to say any brand sells all good tools. Each company has its gems and each has its lemons. As with any tool purchase, do your homework first to find out who are the good and bad players for whatever tool you want to buy.
  7. The height of the fence for T2 depends on how the front and back rails are installed. If you have any play with the bolts loose try to force them as low as possible. I have gap between my fence in table, but it is probably closer to 1/8"-3/16" as I use the fence to run 1/4" thick stock through frequently.
  8. You may need a large bearing puller to get it off. I bought a set a couple years ago from Harbor Freight for $20.
  9. The table saw that we know as a contractor saw (cast iron top, belt drive motor, trunions mounted to the table, smaller metal cabinet mounted on legs) was at one time the saw contractors would take on site as they were the most portable saws available. That type of saw never went away and is very common in hobby shops, but contractors very rarely take these on site anymore. That is because the job site (aluminum top, direct drive motor, plastic cabinet) saws are far more portable.
  10. I have ordered 2 machines from them, and I had them both within a week of ordering.
  11. I have the 110V version of their remote, and it is nice. As for pushing the button and nothing happening due to the DC not being powered on..... Been there done that..... A couple times.
  12. I went to the Columbus show a couple weeks ago. It was decent, and a few deals to be had. Later this year I am going to be attending Handworks in Amana Iowa.
  13. For animals, I think I would leave it raw.
  14. I have used a 50Tooth Freud Industrial (thin kerf) for a few years, and get very little burning on rip cuts, even in cherry.
  15. The trunions are mounted to the table, so you will have to flip it over and work from the bottom.
  16. I use a Freud Industrial as well. It is a great blade.
  17. I have seen the Jets go on sale during black friday. Bessey's I have seen stores discount them at their own sales, and those come and go. I usually just keep my eye out for good prices on them, and jump on them when I can.
  18. I would think there would be, just would be more difficult to get to the needed bolts.
  19. The unisaw trunions are mounted to the cabinet. His saw the trunions are mounted to the table, so it does work a little different.
  20. If the blade alignment is otherwise good, and the only issue is it is too close to the insert opening, I would put a zero clearance insert on instead, and call it day.
  21. My chisels (PFeil) are all metric, but I work with imperial measurements. I have found knowing the size of the chisel doesn't matter. I just grab the one that is closest to the size I need.
  22. I have a chisel rack I made a few years ago, and the blades themselves rest at the bottom of the rack. I have foam rubber at the bottom to protect the sharp edges.
  23. I do the same as cochese. The sandpaper on granite (or plate glass, or any other solid FLAT surface) works very well to keep sharpening stones flat.
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    Probably because PC is in direct competition with bosch when it comes to routers. I ended up putting a base plate on one of my bases that accepts PC type bushings.