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  1. I use a chromecast which works for the free content. I haven't found a way to stream guild content to the chromecast except for using the screen cast, which can be choppy.
  2. Not sure I have seen a round over bit like that. Makes me wonder if that was done with a molding plane.
  3. Do you need a lift? No. However, I do think they are worth the money. I have a Bosch 1617, which allows for above the table adjustments, and I used that for many years. For the router table I built last spring, I decided to go with a PRL-V2 lift (the incra version). The first thing I noticed out of the box is that the lift is far more robust than the router's fixed base. Next, once I got the lift and router in the table, once I got a feel for how the height adjustment works, I have found I am able to get the bit set to height a bit more quickly than I was before. Where the lift saves me
  4. I had a similar concern about this when I saw yard equipment appear on their website. I asked someone from Woodcraft about it. It turns out the store in Hawaii is more of a home center store than just a woodworking store. A lot of this non-woodworking inventory is for that store. I don't think we will see this stuff appearing in the rest of the stores any time soon.
  5. Pay the extra money for the SteelPro, you won't be sorry. That is what I have on mine, and those little guys are tough!
  6. Did you install the splitter before the fence? I actually had the same issue as the fence locked down more true than the old fence. I had put the splitter on with the old fence, then a few months later I put the T-2 on. I ended up getting another ZCI, and reinstalled the splitter with the T2. Works great now.
  7. The main chatroom there is always a group there, but it doesn't mean we are always active. Most evenings it is pretty lively.
  8. Just a note, that Delta is a direct drive instead of a belt drive motor. For that reason, I would pay about $75-$100 for that saw. If it was belt driven, I could consider going $150 if the seller won't talk down the price.
  9. It does sound like they have simplified the process then. Most of us already have ustream established, and I believe we are close to having something together that utilizes the Ustream APIs.
  10. Most of us in the chatroom still use UStream, as it is the easiest way for the average person to setup a webcam. With youtube, I believe you still have to jump through a few hurdles to be allowed to do a live stream. I understand why you don't use UStream any longer due to the ads and the expense to get rid of them. However for those of us who don't provide premium content over our streams, the ads do not matter. We also noticed that when using the "small" view the ads do not run, which works well when viewing 5 or 6 cams at the same time. (This does happen, especially on weekends du
  11. When there is more than a couple sharing the ustream page is inconvenient. As I said, we will come up with our own solution.
  12. Bummer. We did have people using it almost daily. I guess we will come up with our solution for sharing our cams.
  13. It looks like the cams are gone? It is something that many of us still actively used.
  14. IN all seriousness I use mine a lot for fitting joinery, usually after coming off the table saw or band saw. The fact it is rabbeting allows me to get right into corners.
  15. I have the LN Rabbeting block plane, and I love it. Don, Sometimes we hobbyists are not as precise (NEVER!) as we should be on our machining operations. A rabbetting block plane are great for cleaning up those goofs that we NEVER make.
  16. LOL, thanks. I am looking into shipping options.
  17. The HF cylinder is 19.25" in diameter, so I am thinking this will work fine. If we can keep the shipping cost reasonable, (and SWMBO's approval) I am interested in this.
  18. Has anyone determined if it will fit the HF 2HP? If so I may be interested in it.
  19. I am going to have to agree, the domino is a luxury, and one I do not have. Maybe someday, but I have other priorities ahead of it. That said, I don't even own a biscuit joiner. I was about to pull the trigger on one a few years ago, but some fellow woodworkers talked me out of it. For now, I still enjoy doing traditional M&T joints.
  20. Congrats on the new router! I have two of the 1617 kits, one being dedicated in my router table. They are great routers. The 1619 is Bosch's large 3hp plunge router so it may have some additional screw holes that the 1617 doesn't have.
  21. The widest I have ever gone on mine is 3/4" and is all the arbor on my TS will allow.
  22. I have the 734, and love it. When I was in the market for a planer, I did a lot of research and did look at the 735. The reviews I read put both machines together in overall cut quality. For me the extra feature weren't worth the extra money, and it is a decision I have not regretted. I put that extra money into wood and material to build a much needed at the time shop cabinet that the planer still sits on today. Of the three models of planers listed the only hands down no I would say would be the Delta, and that is because of the issues with the company. It is near impossible to ge
  23. To me HF is like any other store. As long as you do your homework, and know what you are getting into, you can be successful getting some of the gems they sell.
  24. I too have been using the Micro Jig Splitter and have been very happy with it.