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  1. Get it. If you are in the market for a good 14" that is probably the best deal going. I have the G0555P, and love it.
  2. mikem

    Delta T 2 fence

    I would probably drill new holes for the back rail.
  3. I have both Lie-Nielsen and Lie-Valley planes, as well as others.
  4. Mental Note.... Keep PB away from my chisel collection
  5. The largest chisel i have is a 1.5" chisel, and I use it frequently. For a little perspective on chisels, I decided a number of years ago that I wanted a premium set of chisels, but to justify the cost, I would only buy a subset of them, of what seemed to be the most used sizes. So that I could spread over the cost as well, I bought one or two at a time. Half way through this process I got talked into buying a complete set. Fast forward to today, I am VERY happy to have a complete set, and do not regret spending the money on them one bit. The chisels that I thought to be odd size
  6. Good to hear on honest review on it. I saw it advertised the other day and thought it looked useful. Would love one that small for breaking down 4/4 lumber as well. I don't want a battery powered one as I have not had good experience with battery powered saws.
  7. Just stay away from them. At best what they do is border line legal. Their business practices are very suspect.
  8. The ANV version is the better of the two saws. They are most likely closing out the ANV line which is why the price is lower.
  9. Great news on the saw! You will enjoy using it!
  10. I have the G0555P from Grizzly, and it has proven itself in my shop. I did have to call Grizzly's customer service once for an issue with the jointer, and the service they provided was stellar.
  11. mikem

    Temporary Heat

    I know I am few days late on this, but I use a chimney style kerosene heater in my garage shop. It does well to heat the shop. I have not had issue with it creating soot.
  12. I have seen some ads and some decent reviews for the Rockwell trim saw. Has anyone here given it a go? http://www.amazon.com/Rockwell-RK3441K-Compact-Circular-Saw/dp/B00GTEU0M4
  13. The budget combo machines tend not to get very good reviews. If you can only buy one, get the planer first. As others have posted, it is possible to work around not having a jointer.
  14. I personally would get a planer before a jointer. With sleds and jigs, you can make a planer and a table saw do everything a jointer can. I would then make the jointer the next machine purchase. As for 6" vs. 8", it really comes down to if you have power and budget for it. I ended up going with a 6" jointer as I do not have 220V capability in my shop.
  15. This is exactly why I am not in a hurry to upgrade my miter saw. I pretty much do all my crosscuts at the table saw.
  16. Shop Fox tools are pretty much the same as Grizzly. The difference is that Shop Fox is sold in retail stores. Shop Fox is technically owned by the brother of the guy who owns Grizzly, but really can be considered the same company.
  17. In my opinion, buy the best table saw you can afford. An electrician most likely will be able to get a 220V outlet out in your garage if need be. My table saw is an old Craftsman 113 series which is the equivalent to the Delta and Rigid you are looking at, which I bought from craigslist a few years ago, and made some improvements on it. That said, I can see myself in the next couple years upgrading to a cabinet saw. The tiered purchase approach has been followed by many of us, but if you buy today the best saw you can afford, you will save money in the long run.
  18. I have noticed it as well.
  19. I think that as him. His work speaks for itself. I should slightly modify what I said earlier, I do think his method is a valid option for him, but he has a lot more experience with those tools than most hobbyists. For everyone else, it is not a process I will recommend.
  20. I am not condoning this, or would ever recommend it, but I still found it interesting. There is a series of videos I saw awhile back where a woodworker was successfully flattening his end-grain cutting boards with a planer. That said, there was a considerable amount of prep work he did to the work pieces to make sure the planer didn't blow apart the work piece, including gluing straight grain backer blocks to the cutting board.. I will try to find those videos this evening as I am not able to dig for them now.
  21. I could walk to Woodcraft. My wallet does not enjoy this!
  22. It is a good sander, and I would definitely recommend it. Dust collection on it is satisfactory. It is the only stationary sander in my shop, and it meets my needs.
  23. There are a few more clamps on the lower rack now, but this is a pic of my clamp racks
  24. That is one slippery slope you just went down...... Enjoy!