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  1. For router table usage, take a look at Micro Jig's Grrrr-Rip Blocks. Little less expensive, but should meet your safety needs.
  2. Glad to see someone take advantage of the free shipping for the band saw. That is a great deal they are running! You will be very happy with that band saw!
  3. It may also be time to clean the interior of the filter bag.
  4. I have resawed 6" wide boards with my 1HP motor on a 14" saw. I run a 1/4" 6 TPI Timberwolf blade on my saw. I don't resaw very often, and the longest board I have resawed is somewhere between 24"-36".
  5. I have a feeling that Grizzly is trying to clear out their stock of 14" bandsaws, possibly to make way for a new model to be introduced. Regardless, if you are in the market for a 14" bandsaw, the deals they are running right now should not be overlooked.
  6. With the deals going on with Grizzly, definitely get one that has the cast iron wheels. That said, I have the G0555P, which has the aluminum wheels, and get no vibration. The nickel test passes every time. For a 14" band saw, I would list cast iron wheels as a nice to have, but not necessarily a must have, as long as the aluminum wheels are of a decent quality. For bigger band saws, I will agree the cast iron wheels become much more important. If you are under a tight budget, and looking at 14" saws, I would focus on making sure you get a 1HP or 1.5 HP motor, a fence, and a good blade.
  7. For what its worth, almost every time I buy sheet goods I have the stores do a few cuts for me ahead of time. The one exception was my router table build as I had a lot of odd cuts to make, so I brought home 2 full sheets, and I broke them down on the driveway. That said, neither of our vehicles will hold a full sheet of ply, so that is part of the equation, as well as storage. While I have plenty of room for hardwood, I have very little room for sheet goods, so space is an issue. I tend to only buy sheet goods when I absolutely need too.
  8. For a brand new site, I was surprised to see a rather well established blog. Did they have personal blogs outside of PWW that they combined for this site?
  9. Good points PB. The back of my jointer (where I don't need to get to very often) is partially covered by my table saw wing. Fence and tables are all accessible.
  10. (Harry Potter reference) And yes the wicked witch of the north could use one, they are quite popular.
  11. I run a Timberwolf 1/4" 6TPI blade on mine. I use it for everything, including the occasional resaw.
  12. Oh! You mean one of those flying nimbus things?
  13. You will be very happy with that saw. I have the G0555P, and love it. The first thing you will want to do is throw away the blade that comes with it, and buy a good blade for it.
  14. My 14" bandsaw came flat in the box. As long as it is well supported and secure, I don't see why not.
  15. Actually the LX is a little nicer than mine. It has cast iron wheels, and better height adjustment on the guard. The LANV is the same saw as the LX, just black. This is an absolutely great time to get one of those band saws from Grizzly with them offering free freight right now.
  16. I have a Grizzly G0555P, which is a 14" 1HP bandsaw. I run a timberwolf 1/4" 6TPI blade on it. I do not have the riser. The key with this class of bandsaw is a good blade, that is properly aligned, and bearings correctly set. I have very successfully resawed with this setup up to 6" wide stock, up to about 3' long. In theory a riser block will allow an additional 6" of resaw. I have been reluctant to get one for my band saw. I have heard varying degrees of success (or sometimes lack there of) with getting good alignment with the riser. That said, I am very happy with my band saw s
  17. I think your best option would be a drafting T-Square.
  18. Age has nothing to do with this, but rather backing up what you are stating. I get the math behind it, I don't think there are many here would disagree that you get two different types of curves produced. My point is what published "market research" states one is preferable over the other. As I stated earlier, it really depends on the application on which type of curve is used.
  19. I think it is really hard to justify which curve is better till you apply it in actual use. I can see where both would work well, just depending on the application it is being used for. Where is this "research" published?
  20. I check CL on a daily basis, but I tend to buy only what I need. I have bought several items with a lot of success, and have always paid the price I wanted to pay. There has only been one occasion that I went to a sellers place and found the item to be misrepresented. In that case I just walked away. I have also sold several items on craigslist, and have been successful at that, as well as getting the price I wanted for the items sold. I have a very narrow set of parameters I go by when utilizing Craigslist both for selling and buying. The number one rule is to stick to those paramet
  21. Nice job on that drill press, and a good price too!
  22. I bought a jobsite table saw many years ago, but I was doing more home diy work instead of woodworking at the time. It lasted me about 6 years. When reading about the Ryobi lawsuit, it was revealed that benchtop & jobsite table saw have about a 5 year lifetime for moderate to heavy use. When I finally started taking woodworking more seriously, I started to really find the faults of that saw. I started doing the best I could to work with it, but what finally did it in was the table was WAY out of flat. In fact it was humped by about 1/16". I ended up buying the saw I mentioned e
  23. PB is right on, and he meant that as a compliment to hobby woodworkers, not an insult. I don't believe he meant that limitations is what we as hobbyist can do in the sense of what we make. Once we put our minds to it, we find a way to make it happen. I tihnk the limitation he is referring is more of quantity limitation vs. a quality limitation. With a shop full of Powermatic tools you can make anything any production shop can make. The production shop has the ability to make that same items many times over in a short period of time. Again, I don't see PBs remarks as an insult to hobby wo
  24. From my own experience, I would much rather see you buy that Jet for $100 and make it work for awhile, than get a new jobsite saw. Even though it is older that Jet will run circles around any jobsite saw.