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  1. I have an older Craftsman contractor saw. Since it is a cast iron top, you do have options. On my saw the biggest problem was its fence. I replaced that with a Delta T2 within a few months of getting the saw, and that has been a huge improvement. I also made new wings for the saw as well, as well as getting the microjig splitter for it. Dealing with an old saw like that is similar to dealing with an old car. If you take good care of it, it will last you awhile. Sometimes it will need repair, but as long as the motor runs, and the bearings run true, you can make it work. That said,
  2. For awhile Laguna had gotten a bit of a bad rep do to issues they were having with customer service. My local Woodcraft has been bringing in a lot more of their machines, and they look like they are solid machines. I have always heard good things about the machines themselves, just issues with their customer service. I know about a year or two ago they stated they were going to start working on improving it. Has anyone had any first hand experience if that has been the case?
  3. It is an older saw. $100 seems appropriate for an old saw like that.
  4. Sounds like the belt is rubbing against something.
  5. That is a tough call. If the goal of the class was to make the cabinet, that is what you paid for, then that is what you got, plus a little more. This is the type of class that if you have a group that catches on quick, asks few questions, I can see it getting done early. Other groups, they may use every bit of those last 2.5 days. It sounds like material was covered for those last 2.5 days, so it would be hard to say the class didn't go for its full length. I am not sure what the issue is. You completed the project, plus got some extra learning material on top of it.
  6. My local woodcraft has sold wood this way. It is usually exotics or domestic shorts. Woodcraft had a bunch of shorts "on sale" awhile back that I bought a bunch. I went home and figured out the cost per board foot, and I really didn't save that much.
  7. I haven't heard good things about that table/saw jointer combo. If I were you, go back to your plan of saving your money till you are able to afford a good table saw. You will thank yourself in the long run.
  8. Next time you think the blade needs sharpening, try cleaning it first. I was amazed the difference it made the first time I cleaned a blade.
  9. I remember that thread well, though I wasn't able to find it in search. When I built my new router table this summer, I made sure the opening in the fence was big enough to support a vertical panel raising bit.
  10. Wow, that is a lifetime of wood there! The term blanks could mean anything. I tend to think of turning blanks, but the size isn't right. I just recently built a lumber rack that is similar to the one Marc showed a few years ago, which is a wall mounted rack. In your case, I am not certain that would sufficient. I would consider freestanding storage similar to what he had for storage.
  11. For comparison: http://www.grizzly.com/products/Motor-3-HP-Single-Phase-3450-RPM-TEFC-220V-/H5388
  12. My issue with the one-time tools is that they tend to be a bit expensive. The one or two items I have wanted, by the time I had enough set aside to buy it, it was no longer available. I usually end up buying something else that meets my needs instead.
  13. Do you wear safety glasses at work? - No Does your employer provide safety glasses? - Yes How often to you get a new pair? - N/A Why do you get a new pair? - N/A Does your employer limit new glasses? - My employer is a healthcare system, that takes personal safety devices very serious. These are often replaced multiple times a day. I will agree in your case, it seems excessive. However, i would also be careful so that an employee can't cause you grief because they can claim you aren't providing the necessary safety equipment.
  14. The price for the mahagony is decent, though I am not certain what the quality of it is. Do yourself a favor, find a local hardwood dealer. The prices you are looking at for the shrink wrapped wood that Menards sells is extremely expensive. Even if you have to pay extra for them to mill it for you, you will still be spending a LOT less.
  15. I think this is also a story of knowing what the tool is and isn't capable of. In general, with band saws, if the wheels spin true, and you have a good blade, you can do a lot with them. I had a couple different 9" bandsaws. The biggest use those saws had were with workshops we did for our cub scouts with the pinewood derby cars. Those saws cut a LOT of those cars. When my son aged out of cub scouts, I started taking woodworking more seriously as a hobby. While I used the small band saw for awhile, I reached the limitation of what I could do with it, and I bought a 14" band saw that I a
  16. I have a 6gal pancake compressor, that is about 10 years old. It works great for nail guns. I have used it to inflation of car tires and a small inflatable pool when the kids were much younger. I do use it occasionally to inflate car tires as well. I have cheated, and used an HVLP sprayer on it for spraying shellac on medium to small projects, with okay results, but wouldn't recommend it unless you are desperate. I wouldn't use it for any other air powered tools, it just doesn't have the capacity.
  17. No problems with mine. I would contact MicroJig to see what they say.
  18. mikem

    New toy store

    It is a neat store. I have only been to it once, when I was up in Columbus for The Woodworking Show back in January. I haven't bought any wood from them yet, as Muterspaw is closer, but I think they have a better selection of exotics at Woodwerks.
  19. Glad to hear you are doing well PB! Don't be a stranger!
  20. For under $300, you are looking at mainly benchtop machines. Lowes does sell a floor model drill press from Porter Cable for $319. If you are willing to take the risk, harbor freight has a floor drill for $250, but you may be better off with a name brand benchtop. Another option, is if the bearings are still good on the DP, and the only issue with it is the fried motor, I would look into replacing the motor.
  21. I am a hobbyist woodworker. I have both vintage hand planes as well as planes for Lee Valley and Lie-Nielsen. Both produce good results. I will say I have put a lot more time and energy in my vintage planes to get them in usable condition. Put either type of plane in a craftsman's hands, and he will produce beautiful work. On the flip side put either plane in a beginner's hands, he is going to have trouble with both. Personally, if I have the choice between a vintage or a newer, I tend to choose the newer, simply because I want to work the wood, rather than spend time getting a vintag
  22. Pic is missing. However, I would think a missing bolt would definitely cause the issue you are seeing.
  23. I am assuming you have the blade properly tensioned. If not, that is the first thing I would check. However watching the upper wheel spin, it looks like the wheel itself is moving. This leads me to believe that the shaftis bent or there is a bad bearing. Since that saw is still in production, grizzly will have any replacement parts that is needed. Grizzly has a break down of the parts need. http://www.grizzly.com/products/The-Ultimate-14-Bandsaw/G0555