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  1. I have the HF 2.0HP model, and it is great. Eventually, I'll upgrade to the Wynn cartridge filter for it ($100-160, depending on what model you get). You might be able to find a DC with a cartridge for that cheap on craigslist, but it depends on your area. I'm completely happy with the HF, it has no trouble keeping my jointer/planer clear (6" Ridgid/13" Ryobi) even through 30' of flex tubing. Even before getting the Wynn, I plan on adding ducting with blast gates to my shop, along with building a Thein for separating chips before they hit the impeller.
  2. I just did a small table with gel stain, using rags to apply it. If I had to do it over again though, I would have applied the stain with a foam brush and removed it with cloth, since it was somewhat difficult to get an even application in the corners where the aprons hit the legs. I always seemed to take too much off when removing it, so after the second coat I had to do small touch-ups in all the corners to make sure the stain was even. I actually painted it on with a foam brush and left it on to dry since it was such a thin coat. For large, flat surfaces though, rags are the way to go si
  3. I've dithered on creating an account here, but Mark's giveaway tipped the scales Now I just need to remember logins for Lumberjocks, 207.. etc. I'm a relative newbie, just getting started out and experimenting. I'm about halfway to completing my first piece - designed, built, and finished from scratch - all of which are firsts. I look forward to getting to know everyone here, some of which I'm sure I know from other sites.