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  1. RZ Mask

    I like mine. I have a short beard and it seems to work better than others I have tried.
  2. Miter saw or portable table saw?

    Popular Woodworking new season of “I Can Do That” just posted on making a crosscut sled for a job site saw.
  3. How to attach leg to this desk?

    Why not cut small spacer blocks that fit in between the rails, screwing up through the rail and spacer, making allowances for wood movement. I would be more worried about the unsupported top on opposite the leg.
  4. 'Safely' cutting plastic pipe

    You could use a jig saw with a short blade.
  5. Dovetail Chisels

    Probably the feel in your hand is as important as the steel they are made with. But, if the problem is in clearing out corners, a fishtail is handy to have. You only need one, and I really like my Blue Spruce fishtail.
  6. Glue up squeeze out

    Rip a 3-4” board to get a 45 degree edge, then cross cut so you have a block about 3” long. Now use spray adhesive to attach sand paper to the base, and glue it down over the mitered edge. You can get right into that 90 degree corner. The mitered edge makes it easier to see what you are doing, and allows you to sand exactly where you need to.
  7. New host for Rough Cuts.....

    It’s on their web site, no sign up seems to be required. I liked it. It went by quickly, but they did put up a caption that said you could learn how to build the jig on their web site. I’ll be watching for more episodes.
  8. Osage orange - fiddling with inclusions

    You can turn green wood very thin, but it may warp as it dries. I did this with some Hawthorne, and it went from round to slightly oval, to very oval within a few days. I really like the look, and after a couple of weeks I resanded and reapplied some oil and wax finish. The green wood seems to need that extra sanding after it dries. As long as you know your final vessel may look different once dried, turn away.
  9. Learning Curve on Hand Plane vs. Buying Planer

    The most important thing is learning to sharpen, once you get that down the rest isn’t hard. You can flatten the bench with a 5, and use it for a lot of other work. A 7 would be great for the bench, but might sit unused from then on. A powered bench top planer isn’t a way I would go. Either get a good hand plane or a floor model, 6”or 8” powered planer.
  10. Is there a simple way to test psi on clamps?

    If my joints stay tight until the glue dries I don’t worry about it. If you really feel the need to know, I think Fine Woodworking did an article on clamp pressure a number of years ago.
  11. Splines VS Keys

    I’d have called both of your pictures splines, and even the ones with dovetails just dovetailed splines. I think what is important is that you define things the first time you discuss them, then be consistent from then on. Some troll will criticize what ever you use, heck some people still argue if the correct term is orc or goblin. Can’t wait for the book.
  12. Restaurant Table Tops

    The best way to proceed is to use mdf for the top with thin veneer on the top, bottom, and sides. Use “bar top” finish on all surfaces, with a thicker layer or two on top. They should out last the restaurant unless a lot of children are carving up the tops. Wood moves, but the thinner or smaller the board the less of an issue movement is. Plywood is considered a stable product and it is simply layers of thin wood that have been glued together-each layer cross grain to the layer above and below. Well made veneered furniture lasts for centuries Just make sure you have a vacuum bag system big enough or other way to apply even pressure when gluing the veneer to the substrate. Good luck with the commission.
  13. Tapered sliding dovetails

    Check the Renaissance Woodworker, Shannon may have covered this.
  14. Slit-top Roubo Work Benchs, Pro/Con

    Lefties-the only ones in their right mind. I really like my split top, the only negative is the shavings will fall down through the gap.
  15. What wood?

    Cherry and maple are nice and can look good. Large blanks are expensive, so checking a wood recycling, tree service companies, etc might be good sources. Olive wood is expensive, but turns nicely and looks really good. Nice turning.