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  1. I believe Marc has an inlay video on his free site that might be helpful. Good luck.
  2. Barron

    Securing a giant mirror

    See if you can find a couple of black iron brackets that attach to the wall and hook over the top of the mirror.
  3. Barron

    Sideboard Design

    The top is frame and panel? If so, then movement won’t be an issue, or if the top is plywood. But if the top is solid wood, it will move.
  4. Barron

    Sideboard Design

    Not sure why the wood movement issues are any different between legs extending beyond the top or being flush. Either way you will need to plan for it. While having to slide the door out of the way to get to the drawers can be a pain, I think it looks better, and unless you really need the depth, I don’t think the setback is an issue—you will only see it when accessing the drawers. I like the height of the skirt in your model. Good luck.
  5. Barron

    Coffee table design

    Have you considered rotating the legs 90 degrees? I think that might improve the look. Just a thought.
  6. Barron

    Resaw Blade

    For occasional resawing the Wood Slicer blade from Highland Woodworking is hard to beat.
  7. Barron

    Drill bit set

    There are times when a size up or a size down can make a difference, as in very hard woods being able to step up a fraction can make driving a screw much easier. Conversely, a smaller size can be helpful in very soft woods. Lee Valley makes a nice set.
  8. Barron

    Marking Knife Suggestions

    While it’s true you can make your own or go cheap, but you will feel good every time you pick up the Blue Spruce marking knife.
  9. Barron

    Sharpening Help

    The suggestion to try it out is good if sharp, you should be able to pare end grain easily. As for the handles, they tend to loosen in the winter as the wood dries. Spray the handle with hair spray, reinsert it into the handle, and then rap the end of the handle straight down on the bench, and it should stop coming off as easily. At least, it worked for me.
  10. Barron

    Glue Up Gaps?

    Mark both sides with pencil ines so you can tell when they are flat. I like the epoxy idea no mater how flat the joints are, but I like to us epoxy when I can for the extra strength.
  11. Barron

    Cherry darkening with sunlight

    If you put the pieces outside, just make sure the neighborhood birds are not eating berries. Don’t aske me how I know.
  12. Barron

    Adhesive for Cedar

    Outdoors I prefer epoxy, but Gorilla glue would be good, too.
  13. Barron

    Beginner building workbench

    With a top that thick, you don’t really need through tenon. Marc’s Rubio doesn’t have through tenons and as far as I know no one has had a problem with the top moving. Unless you are building the top out of slabs, a wedged tenon seems like overkill. Having said that, the suggestion that you cut the mortise first, then sneak up would work fine.
  14. Barron

    Strongly Considering Domino Purchase

    I bought the kit, and probably could have lived without it, but I’m glad I did. While I use a few sizes most of the time, I have used all of the sizes. I’ve also made my own when I wanted a wider size (not thicker), but that tends to be ‘one off’ situations so I don’t worry about repeatability. Get the Domino, it is cheap for what it does.
  15. Go to the Wood Whisperer Guild site, Marc has a free ‘sample guild project’ with different detailed instructions on building picture frames. As a bonus, Matt is in the video too!