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    Everything! I grew up making furniture with my grandfather. Been 17 years since he passed and I've been in a shop.

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  1. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Went there for the first time the other day and it went quite well. Very personable people working there. They were very helpful and patient with this here newbie and that is why I'll be going back.
  2. Thanks for the advice. The 10 hours was for the board. The plane took days, but it was in a pretty bad shape. The guys in the machine shop at work hooked me up and did a great job rehabbing it. Have to buy me a jack plane. The only other salvageable tool is a little block plane. I'm loving the community here. I can't wait for the day I can be on the answering end of the questions.
  3. How similar is using a wood lathe to a metal lathe? I'm getting pretty good at the metal side of the house and am hoping that can translate to wood.
  4. Found 2 boards of free cherry on craigslist. 4/6 and 6/4, each 8" wide and 10' long (had to cut in half to fit in my Fit). The problem is is they are rough lumber. I don't have the power tools to mill this. I do have an old Stanley no. 7 plane amongst my grandfather's tools. Brought it to work and and threw it in the electrolysis tank, watched some youtube videos on sharpening, put everything together (like this sentence) and went to work on one of these boards. One side is nice and flat now. Is ten hours too long for this? Buying a planer tomorrow for the other side. Is this an acceptable way of doing this or am I just killing myself? Is there a quicker way of acquiring experience than time and effort?
  5. Hooray! I have a lot of rusty tools inherited from my dear old Grandfather. I like the idea of using electricity for hand tools.
  6. Live across the river in Jersey City. Just moved there from NY. Work in Brooklyn, so I still keep in contact with normal non-jersey folks.
  7. Still new to Jersey. From Poughkeepsie, NY and have most of my tools there still Haven't done any work yet and have no idea where to go to buy decent wood around here. If you have any suggestions, I'm a sponge for knowledge (in theory)
  8. I'm new here. That's why I'm writing my little introduction. I grew up "helping" my grandfather make furniture. I then discovered girls. Now I'm old (34) and miss working with my hands. I was in the Navy for 9 years (USS Philadelphia SSN 690 in da house!) doing nuclear mechanic stuff. Now I figure out ways for power plants in NYC to pollute less. Thinking is boring when the doing is done by others. My shop is the basement that my landlord lets me use. I just have to bring everything back up every day, so portability is key. I can go and on, and I will in other topics. I'm going to stop this one, though and join the fray. I probably wont stay if it's and actual fight though.