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  1. Only $100? What is the model number, and/or a link?
  2. I think I would go with the grizzly before I go with the Harbor Freight Dust Collector
  3. VA is spelled Virginia not Virgina, thanks Marc
  4. MIK Woodworking Cornhole Tournament Sunday, April 1, 2012 Winchester, Va Go to www.mikwoodworking.com to sign up and for more details.
  5. This is a forum for people in Northern Virginia or The northern Shenandoah Valley
  6. I suggest using test boards, like they said above. But also I would make a lot more passes than usual, slowly plunging down. This should work, but test it first
  7. I have a 32" a 34" and a 36", the 36" is a little high.
  8. I know of a few things from Harbor Freight that seem to be good. Here are a few that I do not know and was wondering if anyone has used them? I dont know if any of these are worth anything. 46752-1MPB Sanding Sponge 10-Pack $3.99 43060-1CXH Router Speed Control $19.99 05107-1CXH Steel Service Cart $39.99 98079-1CXH LED Open/ Closed Sign $39.99 40765-1CXH Electric Hoist $119.99 93840-1CXH 1 Ton Foldable Shop Crane $149.99 40131-1CXH Air Hose Reel $39.99 Any of the Solar Panels (96350-1CXH, 96351-1CXH, 66369-1CXH) 41796-1CXH Dead Blow Hammer $5.99 37861-1CXH T-Handled Hex Key Sets $5.99 06002-1CXH 3 Pc. Locking C-Clamp Set $11.99 Any of the Storehouse Hardware Packs 92046-1CXH Self-Centering Drill Press Jig $9.99 34706-1CXH 12" x 33 3/8" Wood Lathe $249.99 (I have heard good things about this machine and how it is identical to the JET besides color and made in the same factory) 42494-1CXH 10" Woodworking Vice $29.99 99782-1CXH Right Angle Miter Gauge $15.99 95912-1MPB Portable Winch $69.99 The winch or the lift is for a homemade shop elevator for materials to get to the second floor, they say 3000 LB Capacity and I think that should be plenty. Anybody know about any of this or any Other Harbor Freight Steals or Any other Hidden Gold?
  9. Wow, I am jealous, $200 is an amazing deal! Even with the work, I wish some one near me would sell one cheap
  10. The furniture is going to have to go upstairs at some point anyway, isn't it? So, you can still finish in your garage.
  11. Sounds like a good deal, I would go for it at that price!