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  1. Answer (or my best attempt at a answer) for #1. Wood is made up of cells that are full of water when a tree is living. When A tree is cut for lumber, it is seasoned through a process called kiln drying which brings the moisture down to about 7% moisture content (in Michigan). Once dried, the wood will shrink and swell as the humidity / temp changes. Think of how a dry sponge reacts when it gets wet. My thought, if the counter was in the box but not shrink wrapped it took on moisture while in the garage. When it came inside it released the moisture and shrunk. Here is a good article: http://www.thisiscarpentry.com/2010/09/03/moisture-content-wood-movement/
  2. Hello all! I'm a woodshop teacher in south west Michigan. I'm located In paw paw which is about half way between Detroit and Chicago on I-94. In the summers I work for a small lumber Company in Kalamazoo. Here is an article that was recently run in our local paper. http://www.pawpawcourierleader.com/news/area_news/article_07e8373a-2429-11e6-89c6-53af39f08c66.html
  3. I would like to introduce my high school woodworking students to CNC machining. If anyone could give me their recommendations on machines I would appreciate it. My email is jdwykrent@ppps.org Thanks!