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  1. danbell78

    Walrus Oil

    The Walrus Oil Furniture finish is a drying oil, they have other products that might be non-drying. That said I chickened out and just started applying good oil wipe on poly on the clock project. Will save the Walrus Oil for another project. Next project is some side tables for my family room, and nervous on it with 3 kids using and abusing these tables. Good thing would be that this finish should be easy to freshen up when needed. Thanks!
  2. danbell78

    Walrus Oil

    Haven't got much feedback from other sources yet, so I will try you guys in this forum. Does anyone have experience with Walrus Oil Furniture Finish? I bought some and want to try it but a bit scared to throw it on the grandfather clock I am finishing up. Specifically a bit nervous about putting it over an oil based stain. https://walrusoil.com/products/furniture-finish Thanks!
  3. I think that was the one I was looking for! Thanks
  4. Where do you all get hinges such? Need some hinges for a project, don't want to go all the way to Brusso, but the $3 hardware store ones scare me a bit too. I thought I had heard of a second to Brusso type source, but can't recall the name right now. Thanks
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I am leaning towards the oak if I can find a nice curly piece in my stash.
  6. I posted here a while back a grandfather clock that I inherited half done. I am hopeful at this point that I can salvage it and not paint it. Seem to be able to clean up the filler and replace with some better matching filler. Anyway now my thought is to use some kind of a complimenting wood for the back panel of the clock. What is everyone's favorite wood to compliment walnut? I have White Oak, Cherry and Maple at hand, but would be willing to get something else if it can be justified.
  7. Check out what David P. at Makesomething.com did with his workshop. He has carpet on the floor, seemed crazy to me, but he seems to like it
  8. I am strongly leaning towards going with paint as a salvage option here. I just keep finding more spots of filler and don't want to spend too much time on this and still be disappointed in the finish or quality of the piece.
  9. I will get some photos tonight and add them in.
  10. So I just inherited a half done Grandfather clock, neighbor had it left in his house when he moved in and gave it to me to finish up or do as I wish. The story I got was that the prior owner/woodworker was not happy with how it was turning out and threw in the towel and gave up on it. Upon initial inspection last night the biggest problem I noticed that on a few spots he had tried to fix some poor glue ups with some kind of filler. biggest spot is on the raised panels on the sides of the top. The wood is walnut, but he had used a light colored filler. So what are my best options for getting this color corrected? A - stain the whole thing a darker shade of walnut (likely oil based stain) B - Use a stain marker or even a Sharpie to color in just the filler then oil based poly or similar on the whole thing C - go for a dye instead of a stain and hit the whole thing D- Some how clean out all of this filler and refill with something appropriately colored (nervous on this one to just make it worse) E - try to remove and replace the panels F - open to other ideas? Thanks!
  11. Are there any options out there for dado stacks that do not use shims for the adjustments? I hate dealing with the shims, they keep getting caught down in the threads on the arbor and then jamming things up or taking a bite out of the shim. Even had one stuck so bad that I thought it was all snugged up, flipped the saw on only to have it then come loose and take a chip out of one of the chippers. I like using dado stacks, but hate dealing with this part of it.
  12. Just completed this table/bookcase. Made from white oak. Was my first adventure in through tenons. Think they turned out pretty good. Finish was a challenge, tried some tinted shellac, and then bailed out on that. Went with just a oil based stain then some wipe on poly. This will go to the entry way at church to hold bulletins, hand outs and some books.
  13. Maybe I just took the easy way out, but why do you need a finish at all on this? I left mine unfinished, sure it might get some dirt or smudges on it, but it's an outdoor yard game so that doesn't bother me. They seem to slide fine regardless of temperature or humidity.
  14. I agree with Isaac, red oak stains pretty well. If you go too dark it can really make the grain pattern strong, perhaps that is what is turnin people off on this. As for a work bench, I would not hesitate too much on red oak if that's what was available to me.