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  1. I placed an order last week for about $300 with Woodpecker's and it hadn't shipped yet so, I went ahead and cancelled that order and got the PRL V2 instead. I guess I will be putting the Mast-R-Lift up for sale on Craigs list here in Phoenix.
  2. I bought the Jessem Mast-R-Lift a while back when they made some in China and then decided they werent going to offshore stuff and then put eveything they had made off-shore at 1/2 price to sell them all. I finally rebuilt my router table and just now got around to using the lift. Right after I bought the thing I read that my router the Milwaukee 5625 isnt one of the routers the lift supports directly and you had to buy a shim so I bought the shim. I loosened the main bolt and tried installing the router with the shim on it but was too tight. Even without the shim the router is tough to get in and the height adjustment screw on the router doesnt quite fit in the hole that they provide for it quite right. This seems to throw off the router from center but it appeared to be secure when I tightened the bolt. I turned on the router and it didnt appear to move in the lift or anything. I tried a couple light passes on some wood and it appeared ok. I went to use it today and the router dropped out of the lift. It didn't drop very far and though I havent checked it yet, it is probably ok. Is anyone familiar with this lift and router combination? I am going to send an email to Jessem but I thought I would send this out to the forum and see if anyone had any experience with this lift and router.
  3. In know exactly what you are talking about. Think about your desk when you were in school. Did you ever have the kind where the desktop swivels up and to the right and then hangs down to the side? maybe you can rig up something like that?
  4. Here is the project so far, still need to make the pullouts, doors and drill the router plate and attach new router. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped because my new little helper kept falling asleep on the job.
  5. The door will be vented, it just isnt shown in the drawing.
  6. After further review and input from others, I've revised the plan. The cabinet will be 29 1/2 wide x 19 1/2 deep x 34 tall (+ casters of 3 or 4 inches). This will give me an overhang of 2 inches for the top all the way around except the side with the power switch will be 4 inches. The cabinet will have 4 compartments that are 13 5/8 wide x 15 tall x 18 3/4 deep. The router compartment will have a 4 " dust port on the back and a vented door on the front (not shown in drawing). the other 3 compartments will have slide outs based on the items I need to store there rather than drawers to give me more flexibility to make changes. I will probably make holders on the side with the switch for my 2 collet wrenches, ring wrench, router lift adjustment wrench and whatever tools come with the INCRA LS System I may need to use a lot.
  7. TimWood, All good points and things I will think about. Thanks!! All comments and input appreciated. I was originally planning to put the switch in the front as you suggest but, I was afraid that I was going to accidently bump it. The more I think about it, the less likely I think it will happen. I hadn't really put much thought into the drawers except that there are more of them than I have in my existing table and that should be sufficient (i hope). I have found (in the past) that one of two things usually happens when i try to plan everything out - either I end up in analysis paralysis and never build it (which is why my router lift is still in the box from a year and a half ago waiting for me to build a new router table) or I plan out what I think I will need and I end up forgetting about something or the situation changes or I measured something wrong. When I talk about some of my plans for various shop furniture and some of the proposed changes to those plans, my wife laughs and says - "why are you getting so wrapped up in it, you're just going to rebuild it in 6 months anyway". I am trying to get better about that kind of thing - is there a 12 step program for that? My name is Eric and I am a re-builder.
  8. I did some searching around ladt night and found a couple pictures of some offset tables that had some features that I liked so, I played around with sketchup late last night to try and capture those features. It is still pretty rough but, here is the initial design (all comments/recommendations welcome). I'll refine it over the next week or so as I finish up other projects and then probably start building it next weekend. I'll post some pictures when complete. The door in the front of the router compartment will eithr be vented or maybe I won't put a door at all and skip the DC port in the box portion. From everything I've seen in the past, collecting the dust from the box isn't so easy and having the compartment open to allow the router to breathe might be preferable. (Opinions?)
  9. I bought the imported Mast-R-Lift back when they had that special deal and it has been sitting there in the box waiting for my to get off my butt and build a new router table. I will be using that and the big Milwaukee router from my existing table. I also bought one of those paddle power switches a while back when it was on sale along with some other stuff all sitting there waiting... So now I have these INCRA items I just ordered that should arrive next week and I have no more excuses - I need to design and build a cabinet for it all. I'm excited to start, I just have to finish up the current project for my wife and then I can get on it. I was hoping someone had a nice design for a similarly sized cabinet I could use a guide.
  10. I placed my order today for the LS-17 Super System and table. Amazon didn't have the 27 x 43 table in-stock so I opted for the 24 x 36 table instead. I am just a hobbiest so, this top should be fine for me. I plan on making my own cabinet rather than buying their stand. Anyone have this setup? Anyone have pictures or plans of the stand/cabinet they made for theirs. Any hints or gotcha items that I should know about? Thanks in advance for any info you can provide.
  11. its a lot faster to take your time and do it right rather than to have to do it all over again cause you got it wrong.
  12. John, it is melamine. There is a place here in town that buys things in lots. They had a great deal a few months back on some 3/4" white on one side brown on the other melamine that they got from a cabinet shop going out of business so I picked up 10 sheets (8 x 4) for $179.00. The cabinets in the background I made before I got the great deal on the melamine so those are 5/8" all white melamine. I made several base cabinets and upper cabinets. Here are a couple photos of them. One of these days I'll clean up the shop and do a proper set of photos.
  13. I am very happy with it. It is a very nice saw that does a really nice job and I really like the idea of the safety feature. I lost concentration after a series of thin cuts (with no blade guard) with my old saw and let my right hand drift over the saw blade coming back from the last cut and cut my thumb. It wasn't too bad although it was deep enough to chip the bone and require 4 stitches. Even a minor injury like that cost $1500 and would have paid for half of the saw stop. Now I have a thumb with a bump under the skin (scar tissue) and a resultant dead spot (can't feel anything there). I wish I had bought it before the accident.