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  1. Thanks for all the replies so far! I don't have a spindle sander, but I do have sanding drums for my drill press. These will certainly let me flush the sides up to the pattern (vs. using a pattern or flush trim bit in the router.) My bigger challenge is how to do the roundover. Maybe I will get a rasp and try that out. I have 15 of these to do so I am not sure how quick work I can make with the rasp. I had thought about hand routing this (I have both a full size hand router and a smaller trim router) but I was not sure that this really changed anything for the better (vs. just turned the whole setup upside down.) I understand which is a climb cut, clockwise vs not (assuming I pay attention) but the problem is that I can do a non-climb cut on 1 side that goes downhill on the grain. When I flip the piece a non-climb cut will go uphill on the grain.
  2. Folks, I have found myself in a pickle and desperately need some advice. As usual I started my Christmas projects a bit late. As well, I decided to go "off reservation" and created my own project with no plans (this originally meant no paper plan, but as you will see can have another interpretation!) I wanted to build a wooden candy cane ornament. I have cut and laminated maple and bloodwood into a 3/4" square candy cane shape (see photo.) My thought was to use a template bit to flush up the sides and then a round over bit to round all sides to essentially get a cylinder cross section. I am now trying to figure out the best way to route this while avoiding a climb cut (or more precisely avoiding launching the cane across my garage.) I started taking a very light cut and I can do one side by following the outline with a traditional non-climb cut. But when I flip it over I can't seem to avoid a climb cut and even with the slight cut it still wants to grab. What am I missing??? Any suggestions to get these things complete without creating too much striped kindling would be greatly appreciated! Thanks all !!!!