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  1. It's almost done, so I'll post some photos soon. I've taken a ton of photos, and was thinking about doing a whole build post. I'm still pretty much a novice woodworker, so I thought showing that you can be a noob and still build this (with Marc's video help, of course) might help some people that are on the fence.
  2. Edited the original post, but thought it was worth mentioning that they did refund my shipping cost, so that was pretty nice of them. Got the leg vise installed last night and that thing is sweet! After using it and the wagon vise I'm glad I forked over the extra cash to go with BC rather than a less expensive option.
  3. Just as a follow up I worked with the Benchcrafted folks and turns out it was a manufacturing/quality control issue with my vise and so the hub didn't actually fit on the screw. I sent the original one back to them (at my own expense) and they sent me a replacement. Edit: They refunded me the shipping cost after the fact, so that was pretty nice of them.
  4. Has anyone with the classic leg vice had an issue where the screw doesn't fit into the hub? The flange fits fine, but the hub won't go on at all. In their video it looks like it should just slide right on without any resistance, so I don't know. I don't really want to whack it with a hammer because I'm afraid I won't be able to rotate it to line up the holes for the pin. I emailed Benchcrafted so hopefully they get back to me, but I was just curious if anyone had a similar issue?
  5. I have the 690 and I've been really happy with it. No problems, stays in alignment so I don't really have to jack with it very often, and has cut everything I've needed it to without any problems. I would not, however, get the router table attachment for it.
  6. The kits are up. http://www.bellforestproducts.com/exotic-lumber-projects/humidor/
  7. It is going to be impossible to pick a veneer!! Every time I find one I really like, there are half a dozen other sheets I like just as well. It's like a woodworking Sophie's choice.
  8. So I am going to make a just a normal square jewelry box with mitered corners, but I'm not sure the best way to measure the cut. I have a left-tilting table saw, and I know you can use a stop block on the sled or miter gauge, but where do you measure the cut at on the blade? Do I use the bottom-most tooth on the blade and so I'm technically measuring the inside of the box? Or do I measure where the top of the blade would cut? I don't know the best/right way to do it. Any suggestions?
  9. Yeah that's exactly what I was going to do for that part of it.
  10. Does anyone use one of those portable A/C units as basically just a fan that blows really cold air? One of my problems is that it can easily get 100+ degrees in my garage in the summer so that obviously limits the amount of time I spend in there. I don't really want to try and cool the whole garage down, and while a hose that vents outside I can do via the garage door, I don't really want to cut a hole in the house for something like a mini split. So my thought was to get one of those portable units that usually go for a few hundred and use it basically just like a fan that blows cold air. I d
  11. A nice side effect of having a sub panel in my garage is the ability to kill power to all the outlets in the shop and then lock the box. It's not an issue currently, but when my son gets a little older I would hate for him to sneak out in the garage and fire up the table saw or something equally disastrous.
  12. So I finally got out in the shop today and used the TS55 for the first time. Holy cow that is a nice saw. Why did I not buy this years ago?
  13. Thanks. Yeah Metro Hardwoods is where I get some of it. Also there is Schutte lumber over at like Southwest Blvd just past 31st, in the same area as the Blvd Brewery and Ponak's. I actually just ordered some wood online from Bell Forest and I was pretty blown away with the quality of wood they sent.
  14. Santa (aka the UPS man) dropped these off yesterday. I'm pretty excited to start making some sawdust with them. Hopefully at some point the weather cooperates and it stops raining. In the picture is the new TS55-REQ tracksaw and the OF2200 router with the accessory kit.
  15. I am pretty good at asking stupid questions, so I figured I would throw this one out there. Why does the top tilt? So you can scoot it closer to the wall?